Q & A with Hunter Brown

San Antonio infielder Hunter Brown sat down yet again with InsidethePark's Joe Ruiz, talking about the season that was and the Missions' second-half playoff chase. Glance into the world of a minor league baseball player and see what Brown had to say right here at InsidethePark.com.

InsideThePark.com: What does this team have to do win the second half?

Hunter Brown: Well, we can't get ahead of ourselves. It may sound cliché, but we have to take them one game at a time and we have to approach every day as if it's a must-win. If we play hard, the pitchers pitch and we play defense like we have all year, I think we'll be okay.

ITP.com: What would you say has been the pinnacle of your season?

HB: When I was at .300, I felt pretty good. Really, it's tough to say that because you're never really satisfied. When you feel that you've made it there, that you've reached your goals; it's almost like you're not trying hard enough. I don't think you can ever be satisfied, especially in this game. This is a hard game. There's a lot of failure involved and it's real easy to sit back when you feel like you've reached where you want to reach and you get a bit lazy. The game catches up to you quickly when you do that so I just try to keep improving every day and keep playing hard.

ITP.com: After 130 games, can you take a "moral victory" if you hit the ball well and it doesn't go through or do you feel like you need to break out?

HB: I'm not really into (moral victories). For me, until the last game is done and the numbers are in the books, I'm not going to stop trying hard. When someone stops counting is when I'll stop trying.

ITP.com: What would you like to work on the most in these last few games?

HB – At this point in the year, everybody's bodies are a little tired. The first thing to go when your body is tired is your mechanics and I think trying to keep good, tight mechanics at the plate is something I've been struggling with lately and I just need to be a little more consistent swing-wise. If I put good swings on the ball, I'll be fine. I feel like I'm pretty close right now to breaking out and hitting a little hot streak.

ITP.com: You always want to go 70-0, but is this the most fun way to play baseball?

HB: Definitely. Every game you feel the excitement in the air. We know what we're playing for and it's exciting. Hopefully we can get going and peak at the right time here, win a few more games and go into the playoffs on a roll.

With the Missions in a playoff chase, this could very well be our final sit-down with Hunter Brown this season. InsideThePark.com would like to thank Hunter for always having a friendly smile, a thoughtful reply and the time to help us bring a different perspective to our readers. Should San Antonio make the playoffs, we'll stick with Hunter as long as he'll let us and share the inside thoughts of one of the organization's brightest young players.

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