You Make The Call: Rank the Mariners will soon reach into Mariners history and introduce a Top Five list of the top players, moments and plays in team history. We aren't coming up with the list ourselves, however, rather turning to you the fan to email us with your suggestions.

Those of you who would like to "Rock the Vote" in this mini poll, please send your suggestions to We will compile the emails that come in, add them up, and come up with the Top Five lists at the end of the month.

Each of you who would like to send in your email, please include the following:

*Top Player in M's History, and why...

*Top Moment in M's History, and why... (note: moments are not plays, rather things like when a player retires, new managers are named, etc)

*Top Play in M's History, and why...

Feel free to send in as many suggestions as you'd like for each category, but make sure to put them in the order you feel is appropriate.

Thanks, Staff

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