Voice of the Fans: Top 10 Mariner Moments

The votes are in and the top 10 moments in Seattle Mariners history, according to you the reader, are...

The 1995 Playoff Run
The moment that saved baseball in the northwest is the Emerald City's equivalent to the "shot heard 'round the world."

Fan Voice-
"That was the greatest baseball has ever been in Seattle."
Matthew Gregory

Piniella brougt instant credibility to the M's

The Hiring of manager Lou Piniella – Nov. 9, 1992

Possibly the most valuable component of the M's success is manager Lou Piniella. Piniella was already a winner and would settle for nothing less than greatness from his players. The results speak for themselves.

Fan Voice-
"It was a clear message to all of baseball that they were going to compete like a big-league club. Hiring Lou gave the franchise a much needed credibility boost."
Juan Cotto

Seattle's loss was Cincinnati's gain

Griffey Traded to Cincinnati – Feb. 10, 2000

The prodigal son was leaving the nest and the shock of it all rang loud and clear in the city of Seattle. Griffey's departure, and the way it transpired, was one of the worst moments in team history.

Fan Voice-
"For me Griffey leaving was distinctly personal. It meant that a man who had been unnecessarily kind to me would no longer be slamming himself into the center field wall."
Dave Clark

Opening Day at the Safe in 1999

The Inaugural Game at Safeco Field – July 15, 1999

From the outset when Dave Niehaus threw out the first pitch until 24 hours later when the M's won their first game in their new house, the Safe was the new home of the city's beloved Mariners. A real home.

Fan Voice-
"Since it opened, Seattle has gone from being a relatively fair-weather fan base to a constant supporter of the M's. This is evidenced that a team that lost as many games as they did in 1982 drew about 20,000 more a game this year than they did back then."
Brandon Brazee
Madison, WI

Win No. 116 – Oct. 7, 2001

Breaking the American League record for wins and tying the all-time mark set by the Chicago Cubs nearly 100 years ago was a memorable moment for Mariner fans everywhere.

Junior and Senior were quite a team in 1990
Griffey Sr. and Griffey Jr. hit back-to-back home runs – Aug. 31, 1990

A feat that will never be achieved again, the Griffey's went back-to-back against the California Angels. Among Griffey's 398 bombs as a Mariner, this one sticks out.

Edgar says goodbye to Mariners fans

Edgar Announces His Retirement – Aug. 9, 2004

Papi finally decided that enough was enough. The Mariners' all-time leader in runs batted in, game-winning hits and memorable moments was calling it quits.

The Implosion of the Kingdome – March 26, 2000

Many thanks to the sticks of dynamite that blew in the old Kingdome. Even though there were memories we will all take with us, good riddance to the Dome and hello real, outdoor baseball.

Fan Voice-
"It brought closure to those miserable early days."
Philip M. Meneely
Haverford, PA

The Randy Johnson Trade to Houston – July 31, 1998

The Big Unit was traded to Houston for Freddy Garcia, Carlos Guillen and John Halama. Not a horrible trade, but the memory of Randy Johnson leaving the dugout as he was told he was just dealt to Houston was gut-wrenching.

Piniella Leaves for Tampa Bay – Oct. 28, 2002

This would be tougher to deal with if Piniella would have went to a winning club and made them great. As is, Piniella's departure was the burden of the onwership's unwillingness to go above and beyond their precious little budget. Hello Bob Melvin.

Ichiro Chases the Single-season Hit Record

In perhaps the worst season in club history, Ichiro gave us all something cheer about. The chase for Sisler's 84-year-old record of 257 hits culminated with Ichiro passing Sisler at Safeco Field in front of 45,000 fans, including Sisler's family. Ichiro's grace and pride in his accomplishment was the highlight of the 2004 season.

Honorable Mention:
Alex Rodriguez signs with Texas – Dec. 11, 2000
Gaylor Perry wins No. 300 – May 6, 1982
Jay Buhner hits for the cycle – June 23, 1993
The tiles fall in the Kingdome – July 19, 1994
Political leaders step up in bleak times – Sept., 1995
Mariners go for it at the trade deadline – July, 1995

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