Adam Jones Chat Transcript

Adam Jones, the Mariners' No. 1 pick in 2003, spent an hour chatting with fans in the chat room on Monday night. For those of you who couldn't be present, here is the transcript. <i>Thanks to everyone who made it in.</i>

FarrowPDX: What are some goals you have set for yourself for this upcoming season?

a jones: Numbers wise I want .300 just like everyone else and 20 home runs and about 80 or more RBI cause I will be up in the order and this offseason I am working towards that.

JasonAChurchill: How bad do you really want to play SS all the way to the big leagues and what are you doing to make sure that happens?

a jones: It's important that I play there cause it's what I am most comfortable at. I feel relaxed and calm.

JasonAChurchill: What do you say to the doubters?

a jones: Can YOU play?

JasonAChurchill: What if the doubter is an all-star SS?

a jones: If he is an all star then I still don't care. I never let anyone say I can't do anything.

Max: What was the determining factor in signing with the M's organization? I know they invited you to Qualcomm and such shortly after you were drafted.

a jones: I like this organization and I was eager to play pro. Yeah, (they came to) my home city so that was easy.

Farrow: Is playing in the minor leagues a great experience?

a jones: Yeah, but my eyes are on Seattle.

Booneyrules29: Who do you look up to that is on the Mariners team now?

a jones: Raul Ibanez, cause he just gets along with everyone and plays hard every pitch.

JKaiser: What's been the hardest adjustment from high school to pro ball?

a jones: In high school the pitchers didn't know you, in pro ball they figure you out in about four games.

Ian: What do you believe is the most valuable asset a player can have, on or off the field?

a jones: To be a pro. You see RON ARTEST.

Cettic: What pro player would you compare your game to the most?

a jones: A young A-Rod. Lots of our organization think so, cause I am a tall athletic SS.

Brent Overman: What about your game do you see a need to improve in order to make it to the next level?

a jones: I think everything. The higher you go they better you need to be cause they are better. Thats what I am working on now in the weight room.

private: How are you working to get consistency in your swing?

a jones: Just swinging and not thinking.

JKaiser: What specifically are you working on?

a jones: (Lifting) weights right now but after Christmas, EVERYTHING.

jasbsb: You signed some cards for Upper Deck in 2003. How many did you have to sign?

a jones: 720 or 750 I think. I know my name now (laughs).

Max: If you weren't playing baseball, what would you be doing?

a jones: I would be in college studying for business.

JKaiser: What college would you have went to?

a jones: San Diego State or Texas.

JKaiser: Take us through your first pro home run. What do you remember about it?

a jones: I knew I was mad that at-bat and I was swinging hard at whatever was close. He went 1-0 and he threw a belt-high fastball and I hit it about 430 feet. Felt good!

MukTown: What do you feel is the strongest part of your game?

a jones: My agility and arm and knowledge at age 19. I read balls very well on the bases.

JKaiser: Who are your closest friends in the minors?

a jones: Chris Colton, Mike Wilson and Josh Ellison.

Ian: Who are some of the toughest pitchers you have faced thus far?

a jones: John Danks is pretty nasty and the former closer for Peoria (RHP Jason Burch), but he was traded for Larry Walker. But I see the ball good off them.

Cettic: What do you like to do when you're not focusing on baseball?

a jones: Chillin with my girl and being with friends in San Diego.

Ian: Do you believe that you have trouble with specific pitches that you are working on recognizing?

a jones: Huston Street. Couldn't see anything off him. But I need to learn to see a change-up, the hardest pitch to hit.

MukTown: Are there any (teams) you have faced that you felt you owned?

a jones: Burlington and Dayton. I had a field day with them.

JKaiser: I've heard people compare you to guys like Reggie Sanders and Darryl Strawberry, your body type that is. Who do you compare yourself to in the bigs?

a jones: I see a young Derek Jeter. Never hit 40 homers or 120 RBI.

JKaiser: You are a very confident person. How important is it to be supremely confident as a high-profile athlete?

a jones: Everyone should be like that. I just never doubt myself or my ability. I know there are a lot of things I don't do well yet. That comes with time and maturity. A lot of people don't make it, that's a give-in, but everyone tries to be there - some harder than others. I am one of those guys. Everyone struggles at everything: sports, jobs, relationships… if you quit you will be broke and lonely. I don't want to be that way.

JKaiser: What's your average day like during the offseason?

a jones: I wake up at 8 and have a protein shake, work out at 9, get home at 11, and my girl comes over at about 11:30 and she goes to work a 2. Then I do nothing.

Ian: Who has had the most influence on how you play the game?

a jones: Mark McLemore. Great guy. He told me at his retirement party to look around. I see nice a house, cars, family and friends all happy. That's what I am thinking about. You gotta do good to get the goods. I won't quit.

JKaiser: How'd you like your short stint in the California League?

a jones: It was good to get around a winning team and I love to win just like the next person.

JKaiser: Who's been your favorite double play partner thus far?

a jones: Oswaldo Navarro - just turns everything (at second base).

Ian: What is your favorite nickname someone has called you and do you have any good ones you call teammates?

a jones: Just Jonesy, my mom started calling me that and a coach heard it and it stuck. I like it. As for teammates nicknames, Navarro is "cabeson," means big head in Spanish.

JKaiser: Well Adam we better let you get going... thanks for coming in for an hour.

a jones: Thanks for having me.

Special thanks to Adam Jones for spending an hour to interact with the fans in the InsidethePark chat room.

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