Finally, Sexson a Mariner

After all of the anticipation, first baseman Richie Sexson is officially a member of the Seattle Mariners. See what Sexson and the M's had to say about the move at Safeco Field this afternoon.

Following the rumors and speculation, the Seattle Mariners have confirmed that they have signed free agent Richie Sexson to a four-year contract.

Sexson passed a physical earlier in the day and the club pushed a contract acrossed the table to the 6-8 slugger, who signed the contract worth somewhere between $44 and 49 million.

"I just want to say that I'm excited to be here," Sexson said at the press conference. "This was a team that I was very fond of and wanted to be a part of. We're going to have a good time with this and I can't wait."

Joining a team that lost 99 games a year ago didn't scare Sexson who believes the Mariners can turn it around behind an improved offense and a solid group of arms.

"They want to fight their way out of that and I want to be a huge part of that," said Sexson. "As a player, you want to play for an organization that wants to try to win and wants to try to win now. You look at the pitching and it almost goes unnoticed. They're a few moves away from being really, really good."

The former Brewers and Diamondbacks first baseman may be asked to play left field if the club is able to sign Carlos Delgado and the northwest native has no qualms about playing the outfield.

"I've played out there before," said Sexson. "I felt comfortable throwing that out there. If I am playing left field it means we probably have a good first baseman."

Sexson, who will be 30 later this month, missed most of last season with an injury that required surgery on his left shoulder and spent just 23 games in the Arizona Diamondbacks lineup.

"I just went through a massive experiment with my physicians. At first I was sketchy about it all," he said. "I'm happy it is 100 percent."

Sexson is a career .271 hitter with 200 home runs and 616 RBI in 836 games played in parts of eight seasons. The Mariners continue to seek more offense and still have the best offers on the table for both Delgado and Adrian Beltre.

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