Your Chance to Voice Off at!

Ever wanted to publicly ridicule the recent play by the M's or a specific player? Ever felt the need to question the team's philosophies or to compliment a player or the organization? Here's your chance.

Each week, one fan will get his or her opinions published at

Yes, you too can get your thoughts on the front page!

Send your thoughts on your favorite Mariners subject to and every week we will pick three fans' emails to publish each week. There will be one winner, chosen by the Editors here at InsidethePark. The winner will receive one month's premium subscription to's Total Acces Pass - and have their piece headline the published story with title, author byline and all!

You can let the world know of your own analysis of the team or its players, coaches, managers, etc, as well as second guess the moves made by management. Or you can tell everyone how much you love Safeco Field and how Ichiro is your favorite player.

The only rules are:
  • The opinion/thoughts/analysis you send us are no less than 250 words, no more than 500.
  • There is no profanity or rage aimed at the organization or its administrators, players, coaches and managers. You can disagree, you can call them out on mistakes you believe they made or are making, you can even say they are the worst organization/player/coach/manager you have ever seen. But no raging flame-outs will be considered.
  • You must leave your first and last name, the city in which you live, and your email address so we can contact you to give you your free month.
  • Have fun!!

  • This is your chance to sound off with's FanVoice.

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