Q & A with Pokey Reese

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - It's not every day that a major leaguer finds himself in San Antonio in the final week of April, but that's precisely the situation Mariners' shortstop Pokey Reese was in over the weekend. InsidethePark's Chris Boehm sat down with the veteran infielder for a few minutes to talk about his rehab assignment in Double-A, his World Series victory with Boston last season and his days ahead in Seattle.

InsidethePark.com: So, Pokey, how's San Antonio treating you?

Pokey Reese: It's been a good experience. I met a lot of these guys in spring training. They're a close knit group that plays hard, and I'm enjoying my time here.

ITP: How's the rehab coming?

Reese: It's going alright. (The shoulder) is not there yet but it's getting there. I'm just down here trying to get ready and get some at-bats in.

ITP: What was it like winning the World Series with the Red Sox a year ago?

Reese: It was a great feeling. That's a player's ultimate goal in baseball, to get to the championship and win it. I was fortunate to play on a great team with a lot of great players and we were able to come through and win it for Boston and the greater-New England area.

ITP: What can the younger players learn from a big leaguer such as yourself?

Reese: Well, like I said, I know a lot of these guys from spring training, and they get a lot of advice not just from me, but from all the big league guys. But whatever they want to know, I'm open to tell them; they're a great bunch of guys, and that starts with the manager. Brundy is a great manager for these kids, and they're having a good time and winning ball games, too.

ITP: With Richie Sexson, Bret Boone, Adrian Beltre and yourself, you've got four potential Gold Glove winners in the infield. What goals do you have with Seattle?

Reese: We've got a good nucleus. The pitching staff's a little young, but it's a good group of guys, and we've got a great manager. (Mike) Hargrove's had success in Cleveland, so he knows how to win. We just take after him; he wants us to go out on the diamond and play hard, and that's what we try to do.

ITP: Has anything changed since you played in the minors?

Reese: You know, I spent seven years in the minor leagues, and I enjoyed every day of those seven years. Really much hasn't changed. The crowds aren't big, but they come out and support you. It's like I was telling the players, I don't have any regrets about my time in the minors. It helped me become the player I am today.

ITP: Do you find it weird at all that in the trade talks revolving around former Mariner Ken Griffey, Jr., your old club (the Cincinnati Reds) refused to include you in the deal, and years later you wound up in Seattle anyway?

Reese: That's the nature of the business; things like that happen. Griffey's a great player. The Reds didn't want to give me up, so I didn't go, but now it's come full circle. It's like last year, with Boston. A couple of years ago they wanted me, and I didn't go, but it came back around last year and I ended up winning the World Series.

ITP: Do you feel your experience with last year's champion can help the Mariners this year?

Reese: I'm going to do whatever I can to help the Mariners win. We've got a few veterans; Boone's been around, as have Sexson, Jamie Moyer and myself, so we've got the experience. Winning the series last year (with Boston) was big, and hopefully this year (the Mariners) can get on a run, make the playoffs and win it this year. You never know.

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