Life in the Minors: Tom Oldham's Online Journal

After nearly a month, left-hander Thomas Oldham boasts a 3.30 ERA in 30 innings pitched and has walked just four of 122 batters faced. Check out the second edition of Oldham's online journal right here at

Before I get to the questions you have emailed me, I'll fill you in on how we did during our 10-game homestand. Overall, we went 6-4, winning four against the Frisco Rough Riders (Rangers) and then two against the Midland Rock Hounds (Athletics). With the win last night, we are currently in second place and two games back from Midland. Keep in mind, this is pointless to you now as we have played at least two more games before your even reading this. Please bear with me, though, this has to be at least 500 words… every little bit helps.

Ok, now to your questions. For reasons of anonymity, I will refer to just the questions rather than the person who wrote them. (You're welcome, Mom. And yes, I am eating good).

The first question I received asked if we have to pay for our own hotel on the road and also asked what kinds of things the team covers. Great question. First off, we don't have to pay for our hotel rooms on the road, but we do receive money for meals. However, if there are no restaurants around the hotel, finding a way to eat can be a hassle. Thanks to Rafee, our bus driver, he brought us to the mall everyday while in Midland so we didn't have to settle for the prairie grass that surrounded us at the hotel.

Right now, in Arkansas, the hotel shuttle is helping us out by taking us to the mall or local restaurants. Thanks Bert. At home, we are on our own for food (when not at the field) and housing. This year everyone stays at the same apartment complex and is responsible for the rent and everything else that goes along with that. Thanks for the great question.

The next question was simply asking, "Why baseball?" The person who wrote in asked, "When ballplayers are athletes and could have wound up playing any number of sports, why baseball for you?" For myself, baseball has always been a part of my life and I started playing at around the age of five. Growing up I think being involved in as many activities as you can is important in order to realize what you have been blessed to do. High school is the time to really get in all the sports you want to play, but when it comes down to having it as a career it becomes so specialized you really have to decide. So when the NBA refused my two inch vertical, I turned to pitching, even after countless times of telling them I could touch the net… with a running start.

With the next question, I must remember that I vowed to answer any and all questions thrown my way. With that said, I do like nachos. Hold the jalapeños.

The last question I received asked if as a player we know how the organization feels about us and our role in the future. Before the season starts, we get asked this question all the time by friends and family wondering where we will start the next season. It all comes down to your experience, results and need by the organization. There is not a lot told to us because it all comes down to producing on the field. If you do that, there will be a role for you somewhere, sometime. We just focus on preparing for each game and being ready if we get the chance.

Thanks for all the great questions and your continued support throughout the season! If you have a question you can email it to Tom Oldham .

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