Luke's Power Rankings

With the White Sox cruising and the Yankees starting to roll, Luke's Power Rankings took quite the hit this week. Watch closely as Luke adds some pithyness. Yeah, we know. "Pithyness" isn't really a word, but it's all we got.

1. Chicago White Sox (2) - You know things are going your way when Jon Garland is suddenly a great pitcher for you (7-0 with 2 complete games and a 2.39 ERA).

2. St. Louis (1) - You can't spell "run" without "Grudzielanek" (23 already in '05). Of course, you can't spell a lot of things without "Grudzielanek".

3. Baltimore (3) - And, just like that, Bruce Chen can pitch (4 wins, 30 K's, 3.38 ERA).

4. Boston (10) – And, just like that, Keith Foulke can't pitch (7.94 ERA)?

5. Florida (4) – They haven't even given up 100 runs yet (just 91 in 31 games – 2.9 per game).

6. Atlanta (6) - Blasted the Astros by putting up 16 runs in one game (38 runs for the four game series). What a waste. You can easily beat the Astros with just 1 run.

7. Minnesota (5) - Santana's only 5-1 this year. What a has-been.

8. Arizona (8) - Contrary to what you might expect, they're not going away.

9. Anaheim (7) - Already starting to pull away in the AL West.

10. Los Angeles (9) - I don't know what to think anymore. People are pitching around Hee Seop Choi?!?

11. San Diego (18) - A resurgent Phil Nevin (has hit safely in 27 of the team's 34 games) and Ryan Klesko (6 homers in his last 9 games) have sparked the Padres to wins in 9 of their last 12.

12. Toronto (16) - Shea Hillenbrand and his .370 average have fueled the offense.

13. Washington (17) – Hanging around longer than most thought they would, though Vidro injury may cause problems.

14. Texas (19) - Better record than the Yankees. That doesn't really mean a whole lot right now, but it's true.

15. NY Yankees (12) – Even Steinbrenner's horse can't win. Maybe he can try turning it into a pitcher, and letting Kevin Brown run in the next Kentucky Derby.

16. NY Mets (20) - Doing all right, but they're still the Mets. Isn't it time they trade Beltran for, like, Mo Vaughn or someone?

17. San Francisco (14) – Ace Jason Schmidt, the latest fallen Giant.

18. Chicago Cubs (11) – Ah, let's face it. They should've let that guy bring his goat to the game.

19. Milwaukee (26) – Lyle Overbay on an absolute tear (.417 average, 3 HR's, 11 RBI's, and just 3 K's in May). And the Brewers have a WINNING RECORD.

20. Detroit (15) – How does it feel to be paying Bobby Higginson?

21. Pittsburgh (27) – Just one win less than the Yankees. Weird.

22. Philadelphia (22) - Brett Meyers takes a line drive off the head, stays in for a complete game, tosses 10 K's while allowing just 5 hits, and… loses. That's symbolism for you.

23. Oakland (21) – Last in baseball in runs scored (120). And Bobby Kielty has real funny looking hair too.

24. Cleveland (25) – Anyone below this point in the rankings may want to consider getting out of the league for a while.

25. Seattle (13) – Well, they added talent in the offseason. And they keep the games close. Thing is, they just don't ever seem to win those games.

26. Cincinnati (24) – Most runs allowed in the NL and their record shows it.

27. Houston (23) – How bad is the offense? Imagine their record without Clemens (50 K's, 1.10 ERA), Oswalt, and Petitte.

28. Tampa Bay (28) – Imagine their record without… um… try not to think about this team too much.

29. Colorado (29) – Rhetorical question time: If a Todd Helton has a good year in Colorado, does it make a sound? Along the same lines: what's the sound of one fan clapping?

30. Kansas City (30) – Winner of this week's battle with the Rockies for last place. And, with no coach, they've got a jump-start on next week. Congratulations.

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