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Before I get to your questions you have emailed me, I want to once again thank you for your support throughout the season. If you want to contact me with any questions, email me:

We have just finished up a seven game homestand against the Arkansas Travelers (Angels) and the Springfield Cardinals (St. Louis Cardinals). It was a successful homestand as we swept the Travelers and split with the Springfield Cardinals. Now we go back on the road for 10 days. Usually, a 10-day road trip wouldn't be very exciting, but we are heading to Frisco for five, then to Corpus Christi for another five. Both of these places attract a lot of fans, so the atmosphere should be great. Some say that Frisco is the best place to play in the Texas League, and we are about to find out.

While I am on the topic of being on the road, I figured I would share a story with you that happened in Little Rock, Arkansas. While Little Rock isn't known for Hollywood glamour, a few of us got to hang out with a movie star at the hotel after one of our games.

As I told you in the last journal, the shuttle service had been taking us to various restaurants after the game for dinner. On this particular night, it was Subway. And, yes, we got to hang out with Jared. The one and only. I'm kidding. Actually, the only connection between Subway and this movie star is that it is what we ate before we mustered up enough courage to ask for a picture with her. Her being Ashley Judd. After the pictures were taken, she was nice enough to talk with us about our season and wished us good luck. I told her I would have her tickets under my name the next day, but she just laughed and thought I was kidding.

This time around I only received one question through email so this will be much shorter than last time. This question came from a reader who suggests that I have been compared in pitching style to Jamie Moyer, and asks, "Is this fair?"

For me, I don't believe you can compare an established 20-year veteran in the Major Leagues to someone coming up through the minor leagues. However, the person also asked if Jamie Moyer has ever passed on any of his pitching secrets to us. Last year, in Spring Training, we had a meeting where Moyer spoke to all of the minor league pitchers about how to get hitters out and what mental approach is necessary to succeed at any level of baseball.

Intrigued by this meeting, I asked our manager in Wisconsin if it would be possible to talk to Moyer sometime throughout the season to talk more about what he shared. He said he would see what he could do and one night on the road I received a call from Jamie Moyer himself, and he went into further detail about his approach. Overall, he told me to stay within myself and focus on location and each pitch singularly, rather than situations that ultimately would detract me from the task at hand. I was grateful for him to take the time to talk to me, when I'm sure he had a million other things to take care of, and it has helped me ever since.

Thanks for the great question and keep them coming because your questions are what drive these online journals! Once again, thank you and my email address is .

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