Rattlers' All-Stars Reflect

APPLETON, Wisc. - The Midwest League All-Star Game came, and the all-star game went, with nothing spectacular really happening. The Eastern conference pulled off a 4-2 victory over the West. There were no real big batting heroes, nor any dominating pitching performances. But that doesn't mean there weren't special memories pulled from this game.

"My best memory was when we had no outs in the bottom of the ninth, and I was on second and there was a guy on first," catcher Rob Johnson said. "I looked in the dugout and everyone was on the top step. You usually don't get that in an all-star game, it's a little bit more of a relaxed environment."

It's really what an all-star game is supposed to be about. Not going 3-4 or getting a big win, but gathering up a story to be able to tell you grandkids when you are 80 years old in a rocking chair.

"Just them calling my name when I was warming up in the bullpen," Rattlers reliever Cibney Bello remembered. "I was really excited. And then when I came into the game, to the mound, and there were fans cheering for me. It was really cool."

Outfielder Josh Womack enjoyed the celebrity treatment.

"Getting pampered," the left-hander said as he laughed. "It was kinda cool to be a big shot for a couple of days. I've never really been apart of anything like that, so I was just soaking it all up."

Yung-Chi Chen just remembered the honor it was to be there, taking part in the festivities.

"It was good," said the Taiwanese infielder. "It's my first year (in this league), so I was just happy to be down there. I had fun."

The all-star game also offered players the unique opportunity to meet the some people they play against on a regular basis.

"Just being around all the players... I was there for a couple days, had a couple events," said Matt Tuiasosopo. "Just interacting with them, getting to know them. You're always playing against them so it was kind of fun to just be able to sit back, relax, have some fun with them and get to know them."

Can the all-star game give players a mental edge heading into the second half?

Tuiasosopo thinks so.

"It gave me a lot of confidence," said the Rattlers shortstop. "More confidence going into the second half, offensively and defensively, just to keep on working to get better and better. There was a good group of guys, there's a lot of great talent there. So to be considered among that group gave me a lot of confidence going into the second half."

All around, the players agreed it was a special experience, one that certainly wouldn't be forgotten anytime soon.

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