Life in the Minors: Oldham's Online Journal

Well, the second half is six games deep so far and we are currently in first place ahead of Midland, the first-half champions. We started out the half early by taking a flight to Springfield for four games, then hopped on the bus to Little Rock for a three-game set.

We fared well against the Springfield Cardinals, winning three of four. And as of tonight we have won the first two against the Arkansas Travelers. We have one more game here tomorrow then back home for a four-game series against the Frisco RoughRiders.

As far as questions go, many of you asked me questions on the message boards, which allows you to get your questions answered quickly. However, the number of questions sent to my email went to zero, so I am going to take some of the questions from the message boards to answer in the future in this journal. That will allow me to elaborate on some questions that call for elaboration, if that is even a word.

One question I have been asked since starting the second half was what us Missions did during the break. So, if you are interested, keep reading. If not, see ya in two weeks.

Our break was three days and perfectly situated around the College World Series. Being from Fremont, Nebraska, the CWS is something that I always went to as a kid and have followed ever since. So if I was watching TV, chances are I was watching the College World Series. On Monday, though, a group of us went to SeaWorld and had the chance to see what goes on "behind the scenes." Meaning we were able to pet the dolphins, killer whales, and feed the stingrays. We first saw the Shamu show and sat in the soak zone so we were dripping wet the rest of the morning, which actually felt good because it was 95 that day.

Anyways, after the tour we split up and did our own thing at SeaWorld. For me and Alicia (my fiancé) we headed to the water park. Keep in mind I'm a pale red head and its 95 and sunny so I first caked on the SPF 258. And as I'm writing this I'm realizing when you asked what we do during our break you just meant in general and that I'm going way too in detail. Moving right along.

On Tuesday a bunch of guys went out to the river and tied a bunch of tubes together and set off down the rapids of San Antonio. I was not I attendance, however, because I ran out of SPF 258. Not really, I'm just lazy and slept in. Heard it was fun, though, so hopefully we will be able to get out there before the season ends.

Nothing was set up on Wednesday so we just used that for relaxing and getting ready for the road trip that we are currently on. Overall, it was a much appreciated break and Bobby, TJ and Guzman represented us well at the All-Star Game in Frisco.

Well, keep the questions coming and remember you can ask them through email at or by accessing the message boards. Thanks again for the support and for all the questions!

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