Luke's Power Rankings's Luke Lapinski breaks down the hottest and coldest teams in baseball in an August edition of Luke's Power Rankings.

1. Chicago White Sox (1) Frank Thomas is done for the year. In other news, the sky is blue.
2. St. Louis (2) – Now let's see: Larry Walker: DL, Scott Rolen: DL, Reggie Sanders: DL. They're running a lineup consisting of Hector Luna, John Rodriguez, and John Gall out there. And they're still the best in the NL.
3. Atlanta (5) – They're just kind of up near the top by the end of every year, aren't they?
4. Boston (7) – Tradition, passionate fans, beautiful city, defending a World Series title… why would Manny want to stay here?
5. Anaheim (3) – Winning despite one of the worst on-base percentages in baseball (.320). Luckily, they have Mickey Mouse on their side. And Francisco Rodriguez (11 saves and 20 Ks to go with just 6 hits allowed in July)
6. NY Yankees (9) – Say what you want about the Unit this year, but he's 4-0 with an MLB-best 48 Ks to go with just eight walks over the last month.
7. Oakland (16) – Honestly, is there any AL pitcher you'd rather have right now than Rich Harden? Hmmm… ok, maybe two Rich Hardens…
8. Houston (13) – They were No. 22 a month ago!
9. Florida (14) – Held on to Burnett to make a run at the playoffs now.
10. Washington (4) – Hmmm… I guess Dr. Livan's not done for the year after all.
11. Minnesota (6) – The loss of acrobatic outfielder Torii Hunter for at least a month and possibly the year makes a playoff run seem a bit farfetched.
12. Cleveland (12) – They've kept up their winning ways (though it helps when you play KC and Seattle 10 times in a 14-game stretch) and now they get hot hitting Travis Hafner (.310, 18 HR, 63 RBI in 83 games) back off the DL.
13. Philadelphia (15) Brett Myers and his solid 2.26 road ERA have helped keep the Phils in contention.
14. Texas (11) – So let me get this straight: Kenny Rogers appealed his suspension based on the fact that Bud Selig handed it out? So, because it was so bad the commissioner himself suspended the player, it should be overturned? Seem like the Bizarro World to anyone else?
15. Toronto (18) – The forgotten team in the AL East is just six games out of first and five back in the wild card race, led by Vernon Wells (.330 average, 6 HR, 25 RBI in July).
16. Chicago Cubs (19) Derrek Lee watch: first in average (.360), tied for first in HR (32), and just two back in RBI at 83. In fact, if it wasn't for Manny and his 93 RBI out in Boston, he'd have a legitimate shot at an MLB Triple Crown.
17. NY Mets (17) – Could've used Soriano's bat in the lineup. Of course, they could use Kaz Matsui's at some point too.
18. Baltimore (10) – What? You mean to tell me Rafael Palmeroid might not have been totally honest when he told us all before the season that he was clean? When he told Congress that he didn't use steroids? But he was pointing his finger! That means he was telling the truth, right? He pointed his rapidly growing finger!
19. Arizona (21) – 19th in baseball, yet tied atop the mighty NL West.
20. San Diego (8) – They've won one of their last 13 and just 18 of their last 53. But hey, that's still good enough for first in the mighty NL West too.
21. Milwaukee (22) – Worst fielding percentage in baseball over the last month (27 errors). Couple that with the fact that it's the Brewers and look where you end up ranked.
22. Detroit (20) – No doubt a bit confused by the half decent year they're having, the Tigers inexplicably dealt their closer to Atlanta.
23. Cincinnati (27) – Would've liked to see them make a few thousand moves at the deadline for a solid postseason run.
24. Los Angeles (24) – As bad as they are, they're just four games out of first in the – you guessed it – mighty NL West.
25. San Francisco (26) – Nope. At 10 games below .500, they're not out yet either.
26. Seattle (23) – Clearly, dealing Freddy Garcia for Miguel Olivo last year was just all part of a master plan to acquire Nathanel Mateo this year. Clever.
27. Pittsburgh (25) – Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has shown interest in buying the team. Which raises the question (among many others): is it possible for an owner to get thrown out of a baseball game?
28. Tampa Bay (30) – Speedy Carl Crawford now has 34 steals. Does that qualify as petty theft since none of them are ever meaningful with this team?
29. Colorado (28) – Wanna hear the sad part? They have the best record in that horrid division since June 1 (22-31).
30. Kansas City (29) – Should've traded the whole team. For magic beans.

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