Catching up with the new guy, RHP Yorman Bazardo

Yorman Bazardo, one of the most talked about prospects that changed teams over the trade deadline last weekend, is known for his mid 90s fastball. Acquired by Seattle along with Mike Flannery for LHP Ron Villone, Bazardo reported to Double-A San Antonio on Tuesday. InsidethePark's Warren Sims caught up with the flame-throwing 21-year-old for this exclusive Q & A session. What is your impression of San Antonio in the short time that you have been here?

Yorman Bazardo: I'm glad to be here and it's a good opportunity for me. Seattle is trying some new things, giving some young players an opportunity.

ITP: We haven't had the chance to see you pitch yet, with your first start not coming until Friday (that's today!). What kind of pitcher are you and what kinds of things do you bring to this club and to the mound?

Bazardo: First of all I just want to get ahead of hitters, and pitch with confidence. My plan on the mound is to treat it like a boxing match, round for round, hitter for hitter, and inning-by-inning. I never try to strike batters out, I usually try to pump strikes in there and get quick outs. I want to stay in the game as long as I possibly can.

ITP: Speaking of not trying to strike people out, we have heard about the arm strength that you possess, and we have also heard that we can expect a high 90s fastball. Looking at your strikeout-to-innings ratio (73 K in 108 1/3 innings pitched) you can't help but wonder why a guy who has a fastball like yours finds so many bats.

Bazardo: I have a reputation for throwing a lot of strikes, and batters swing early in counts because of that.

ITP: According to some of the reports we have received on you, you are considered the No. 2 two rated player to change uniforms over this past trading deadline period. Is there any added pressure to perform to these high standards?

Bazardo: Well I expected to be a Marlin for a long time, but they told me a couple of days before it happened that I could be moved. They told me that it was going to be a good opportunity for me, and that everything is going to be all right. It's the same thing here, I've still just got to go out and pitch and throw strikes and get people out.

ITP: Did the Marlins organization let you know what direction they were planning on taking, and the reason for the trade?

Bazardo: Well I was pitching on Sunday and when I came off the field in the second inning the manager came up to me and informed me that I was going to be taken out of the game, and he would let me know after the game why. They had told me a couple of days before that they were talking about trading me so I had a good idea what had happened, I just didn't know where. They had originally told me that I was going to be traded to the Rockies for a pitcher, but when the pitching coach came in he told me that I was traded to the Seattle organization. would like to thank the newest Mariner farmhand, Yorman Bazardo, for taking a few minutes of his time for this Q & A session.

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