Luke's Power Rankings

Luke Lapinski returns for one of his final installments of Luke's Power Rankings for the 2005 season. Who's on top? Who's pulling up the rear? See for yourself right here.

1. Chicago White Sox (1) – It's not just the 54 stolen bases that the Sox lose with Scott Podsednik going to the DL. It's the intangibles like his 31 infield hits and 13 bunt hits. Luckily, the gap between them and the second place Indians is big enough to fit a Frank Thomas through.

2. St. Louis (2) Albert Pujols has now reached at least 100 runs scored and 30 HRs in each of his first five MLB seasons. And, oh by the way, 100 RBI isn't far behind.

3. Boston (4) – Lit up both Jon Garland (16 wins) and Mark Buehrle (13) in weekend series with AL leading White Sox. Who do these idiots think they are?

4. Anaheim (5) – Managing to hold off the pesky A's for now.

5. Atlanta (3) – Rookie OF Jeff Francoeur is making the most of his playing time, hitting .382 and belting 9 HRs in just 28 games.

6. Oakland (7) – Losing two of three games to the Twins marks the first time they've lost a series since July 7 and just the second series out of their last 18. Moneyball at its finest.

7. NY Yankees (6) Aaron Small has already matched Kevin Brown in wins this year with four. And I'm sure they both make about the same amount of money, right?

8. Houston (8) – Hard to believe they're here when you consider they've been shut out 14 times this year. To that end, hard to believe they've been shut out 14 times this year with monster hitter Morgan Ensberg (32 HRs, 88 RBI, .293 average) in the lineup.

9. Philadelphia (13) – Power hitting prospect Ryan Howard – compared by some to a young David Ortiz – has helped absorb the loss of Jim Thome.

10. Cleveland (12) – Exactly how they plan on making a run at the Wild Card while getting swept by teams like the D'Rays is beyond me. Actually, how they plan on being allowed to continue to play organized baseball while getting swept by teams like the D'Rays is beyond me.

11. Washington (10) – The future looks bright with the way John Patterson's pitching (2.44 ERA and 133 K's thus far), but the present might be slipping away as the Braves open up a lead in the East. We won't even talk about the past…

12. Florida (9) – Oh, that wacky Mike Lowell. His hidden ball trick against the D'Backs worked to perfection. Only problem is, his hidden bat trick against every team he's faced this year has been pretty effective too (.235 and just 6 HRs in 396 at-bats).

13. Minnesota (11) – Even Bret Boone's bat in the lineup couldn't revitalize the offense. Shocking, considering he's hitting a whopping .221 on the year.

14. Toronto (15) – Apparently, it's Blue Jay season. The birds lead the majors in getting hit by pitches with 67. Shea Hillenbrand is tops with 20. Now, if they could just get Craig Biggio somehow…

15. NY Mets (17) David Wright's over-the-shoulder-barehanded catch was just the latest on a long list of great defensive plays he's made this year. And it's one of the best catches you'll ever see.

16. San Diego (20) – Losing Khalil Greene is a kick in the toe. Literally.

17. Baltimore (18) – Good ol' Raffy. As if O's fans needed something else to be disappointed in right now.

18. Chicago Cubs (16) – Wood and Nomar are back, but is it too late? Considering they're tied with the Brewers, we'll check back next year.

19. Texas (14) – There's just something about losing seven in a row (and counting) that tends to drop you in the standings.

20. Milwaukee (21) – Things only getting worse: Jeff Cirillo – and his irreplaceable 14 RBI - is now on the 60-day DL.

21. Detroit (22) – Let's see, how to summarize this best…. They're closer to the Royals than they are to first place. That's all you need to know.

22. Arizona (19) – The good news: they've almost locked up No. 1 pick Justin Upton and they could probably lose about 20 in a row and still have a shot in the NL West. The bad news: Javier Vazquez (four wins in his last 14 starts, 7.16 ERA over the last month).

23. Cincinnati (23) – Since his All-Star Game appearance, Felipe Lopez has gone just 20 for 103 and has dropped his average from a respectable .307 to a Cincinnati Red-like .276.

24. Los Angeles (24) – Poor L.A. First horrible traffic and now these guys.

25. Pittsburgh (27) – What? Who? The Pirates? Last I checked, Sidney Crosby's a Penguin, not a Pirate. Hockey season starts in 49 days.

26. San Francisco (25) – Young pitcher Noah Lowry has been one of the few bright spots, dealing 33 Ks and boasting a 1.99 ERA in 31.1 innings over the last month.

27. Seattle (26) – Pitching phenom Felix Hernandez has lived up to the hype early on, sporting a 0.86 ERA and striking out 21 in his first 21 MLB innings. What were you doing when you were 19?

28. Tampa Bay (28) – They've won a mind boggling three in a row and are NOW JUST FOUR GAMES BACK... of rapidly sinking Seattle.

29. Colorado (29) – Sure they're struggling, but at least they're exciting to watch. And by "exciting" I mean "boring". And "depressing". Possibly "nauseating".

30. Kansas City (30) – Managed to lose twice to Detroit in the same day. Now there's a boost to the old team morale.

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