2005 Seattle Mariners Awards

If it sounds like we are jumping the gun on voting for team awards for the 2005 Mariners - we are. The sooner we give out post-regular season awards, the sooner we can think about 2006.


Ian Levin: Richie Sexson
Jake Chambers: Richie Sexson - If not for Sexson's 38 home runs and 117 RBI, well I don't even want to imagine how much worse an awful offense could be.
Troy Sowden: Richie Sexson
Aaron Beach: Jamie Moyer - With a pitching rotation in constant flux, the ageless wonder continues to defy father time, turning in another fine season while virtually guaranteeing him a spot in next years rotation.
Dave Clark: Raul Ibanez
Joe Kaiser: Richie Sexson - From Opening Day on, the slugger provided power that has long lacked in Seattle's lineup.
Jason A. Churchill: Raul Ibanez - The most consistent of any hitter in the lineup.


Ian Levin: Felix Hernandez
Jake Chambers: Felix Hernandez
Troy Sowden: Eddie Guardado
Aaron Beach: Eddie Guardado
Dave Clark: Felix Hernandez
Joe Kaiser: Eddie Guardado -Without Eddie, this could have very well been a 100 loss season.
Jason A. Churchill: Felix Hernandez - Since winning wasn't in the cards, King Felix gets the nod over Guardado here. His highness gives hope for 2006 and beyond.


Ian Levin: Jeremy Reed
Jake Chambers: Jeremy Reed - This season, Reed was one of the top three defensive outfielders in the AL - and in a city that had Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Cameron in center field in the past, we are picky about our defense in the outfield.
Troy Sowden: Jeremy Reed
Aaron Beach: Jeremy Reed
Dave Clark: Jeremy Reed
Joe Kaiser: Jeremy Reed
Jason A. Churchill: Jeremy Reed


Ian Levin: Felix Hernandez
Jake Chambers: Jeremy Reed - See "Pitcher of the Year." I could write something cute about Betancourt or Morse, but let's be serious.
Troy Sowden: Felix Hernandez
Aaron Beach: Jeremy Reed
Dave Clark: Yuniesky Betancourt
Joe Kaiser: Felix Hernandez - One of the few things to get excited about after July.
Jason A. Churchill: Felix Hernandez - Two months of Felix was more valuable than a full season of any other kid brought up.


Ian Levin: Yuniesky Betancourt
Jake Chambers: Yuniesky Betancourt
Troy Sowden: Yuniesky Betancourt
Aaron Beach: Yuniesky Betancourt - With apologies to Mike Morse, who is a man without a position, Betancort managed to parlay his amazing glove work into the Mariners starting shortstop gig.
Dave Clark: MIchael Morse
Joe Kaiser: Michael Morse - Betancourt was a wildcard, so his season isn't necessarily a surprise. That Morse spent half of '05 in Seattle shocks me.
Jason A. Churchill: Michael Morse - Morse exceeded most expectations at the plate after hitting just .253 in Triple-A Tacoma.


Ian Levin: Joel Pineiro/Gil Meche
Jake Chambers: Entire 2005 Seattle Mariners - I cannot discriminate here. The whole team was a huge disappointment.
Troy Sowden: Adrian Beltre
Aaron Beach: Gil Meche
Dave Clark: Chris Snelling
Joe Kaiser: Adrian Beltre - Hard to imagine more mediocre numbers than the ones Beltre posted this year.
Jason A. Churchill: Miguel Olivo

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