InsidethePark's 2005 MLB Awards

With the postseason under way, the staff at makes their picks for the regular season's best - and worst - of 2005.

While there weren't any major records broken - no 262-hit season by Ichiro or 70+ home run effort by Barry Bonds - it was another great season of Major League Baseball and the ITP Staff caps off the regular season by handing out the hardware.

LEVIN A. Rodriguez A. Pujols J. Santana R. Clemens
CHAMBERS D. Ortiz A. Jones B. Colon R.. Clemens
CLARKE A. Rodriguez NONE J. Santana NONE
CLARK A. Rodriguez A. Jones B. Colon D. Willis
SOWDEN A. Rodriguez D. Lee J. Santana R. Clemens
KAISER D. Ortiz D. Lee B. Colon C. Carpenter
CHURCHILL A. Rodriguez A. Jones M. Rivera R. Clemens

  • "Top hitter in the league brings a great glove at third to the park, too. Easy choice." - Troy Sowden on AROD

  • "Without Rivera's dominance, the starting pitching would have been that much worse." - Jason A. Churchill on Mariano Rivera

  • "Had 50% more value than the No. 2 player, Travis Hafner. In related news, Madonna and Dennis Rodman were also as depressingly good onstage, as they were in waving the paparazzi over to their cars before speeding off in mock fright." - Jeff Clarke on AROD

  • "Are they renaming the award yet?" - Ian Levin on Houston legend, Roger Clemens

  • 2005 MLB AWARDS
    LEVIN H. Street R. Howard R. Sexson K. Griffey
    CHAMBERS N. Swisher J. Francouer R. Sexson K. Griffey
    CLARKE Felix NONE R. Sexson NONE
    CLARK Felix R. Howard R. Sexson K. Griffey
    SOWDEN J. Blanton Z. Duke R. Sexson K. Griffey
    KAISER R. Cano W. Taveras M. Ellis K. Griffey
    CHURCHILL R. Cano R. Howard R. Sexson K. Griffey

  • "The Yankees found their second baseman in the form of Cano, who hit .297 with good pop - 14 HR, 34 2B, 4 3B." - Joe Kaiser on Bronx second-sacker, Robinson Cano

  • "I'm pretty sure the award was created to reward players that are coming back from a hardship that they did not create for themselves." - Ian Levin on Richie Sexson over Jason Giambi

  • "Griffey did not just come back from a single year, he came back from a half decade to show flashes of the greatness that was The Kid." - Dave Clark on Reds center fielder Ken Griffey, Jr.

  • "Easily the M's team MVP, Sexson came into the year with serious concerns that his shoulder would never allow him to unleash that explosive swing again." - Troy Sowden on M's slugger, Richie Sexson

  • 2005 MLB AWARDS
    ITP STAFF AL Breakout - P NL Breakout - P AL GM NL GM
    LEVIN J. Garland J. Patterson M. Shapiro W. Jocketty
    CHAMBERS H. Street C. Cordero B. Beane W. Jocketty
    CLARKE K. Millwood NONE B. Beane NONE
    CLARK J. Garland C. Carpenter T. Epstein J. Schuerholz
    SOWDEN J. Lackley C. Carpenter M. Shapiro J. Schuerholz
    KAISER C. Lee D. Turnbow K. Williams T. Purpura
    CHURCHILL C. Lee J. Patterson B. Stoneman J. Schuerholz

  • "Made drastic improvement from '04, going 18-5 with a 3.79 ERA for a young Indians team." - Joe Kaiser on Indians left-hander, Cliff Lee

  • "He let Glaus go, suffered through the injuries to McPherson and Escobar, and still had the fortitude to hang onto his prospects and win the West anyways." - Jason A. Churchill on Angels' GM, Bill Stoneman

  • "2005 was the year that Billy powerflushed the Big Three like Kobe flushing Shaq and Jack. Except that Billy turned out to be more than bling-bling." - Jeff Clarke on A's GM, Billy Beane

  • 2005 MLB AWARDS
    ITP STAFF AL Breakout - H NL Breakout - H AL Unsung NL Unsung
    LEVIN B. Roberts D. Lee T. Graffanino S. Taguchi
    CHAMBERS T. Hafner J. Guillen G. Sizemore R. Oswalt
    CLARKE C. Figgins NONE C. Figgins NONE
    CLARK G. Sizemore D. Lee R. Ibanez B. Giles
    SOWDEN B. Roberts M. Ensberg D. Delluci B. Hall
    KAISER J. Cantu M. Ensberg B. Roberts R. Winn
    CHURCHILL J. Cantu M. Ensberg J. Varitek C. Biggio

  • "In an offense full of big names, quietly finished 14th in the league in OPS." - Troy Sowden on Rangers leadoff man, David Dellucci

  • "Very quietly clubbed 28 home runs and drove in 117 runs for the Devil Rays in only his second season in the bigs." - Joe Kaiser on Tampa infielder, Jorge Cantu.

  • "Ibanez stabalized the heart of an anemic offense while becoming a clubhouse leader." - Dave Clark on M's DH/LF, Raul Ibanez

  • 2005 MLB AWARDS
    ITP STAFF AL Bust NL Bust AL Reliever NL Reliever
    LEVIN A. Beltre C. Beltran M. Rivera C. Cordero
    CHAMBERS Johnson/Schilling NL West M. Rivera T. Hoffman
    CLARKE J. Kendall NONE F. Rodriguez NONE
    CLARK A. Beltre C. Beltran E. Guardado B. Wagner
    SOWDEN Ichiro B. Bonds M. Rivera B. Wagner
    KAISER A. Beltre K. Wood M. Rivera C. Cordero
    CHURCHILL A. Beltre C. Beltran M. Rivera T. Hoffman

  • "His.321 SLG hurt the A's a lot more than Beltre hurt us. He was 84.1% of their payroll." - Jeff Clarke on A's catcher, Jason Kendall

  • "Some things never change; a 1.38 ERA and 43 saves in '05." - Joe Kaiser on Yankees ace closer, Mariano Rivera

  • "He is still the best closer in the game. Year after year the Yankee haters think his time has come but 43 saves and the best ERA in the league would say otherwise." - Ian Levin on Yanks Hall of Fame closer, Mariano Rivera

  • "Came into the year amidst speculation he could hit .400, than barely cleared .300." - Troy Sowden on M's right fielder, Ichiro

  • 2005 MLB AWARDS
    ITP STAFF AL Disappointment NL Disappointment AL Surprise NL Surprise
    LEVIN Minnesota Florida Chicago Washington
    CHAMBERS Seattle San Francisco Cleveland Washington
    CLARKE Baltimore NONE New York NONE
    CLARK Seattle New York Cleveland Atlanta
    SOWDEN Minnesota Los Angeles Chicago Washington
    KAISER Seattle Chicago Cleveland C. Cordero
    CHURCHILL Seattle Chicago Chicago Atlanta

  • "Opened their pockets over the winter, but still only managed 69 wins." - Joe Kaiser on the Seattle Mariners

  • "The Expos… err I mean Nationals – oh what a home and a name change can do." - Jake Chambers on the Washington Nationals

  • "In a literal sense. Are you saying that $200 million a year and 12 franchise players don't matter that much next to hitting behind the runner? That would be kind of important to know." - Jeff Clarke on the New York Yankees

  • 2005 GOLD GLOVE
    AL 1B M. Teixeira R. Sexson
    2B O. Hudson R. Belliard
    3B E. Chavez A. Rodriguez
    SS O. Cabrera M. Tejada
    C J. Mauer I. Rodriguez
    OF Ichiro A. Rowand
    OF V. Wells J. Jones
    OF M. Kotsay J. Reed
    P K. Rogers B. Zito
    NL 1B D. Lee J. Snow
    2B L. Castillo M. Giles
    3B D. Wright M. Ensberg
    SS C. Izturis O. Vizquel
    C Y. Molina M. Matheny
    OF J. Edmonds M. Bradley
    OF A. Jones B. Clark
    OF C. Beltran W. Taveras
    P G. Maddux D. Willis
    2005 ALL-MLB TEAM
    1B A. Pujols D. Lee
    2B C. Utley A. Soriano
    3B A. Rodriguez E. Chavez
    SS M. Tejada M. Young
    C V. Martinez J. Mauer
    OF M. Ramirez G. Sheffield
    OF A. Jones M. Cabrera
    OF V. Guerrero P. Burrell
    DH D. Ortiz T. Hafner
    SP R. Clemens R. Oswalt
    SP J. Santana D. Willis
    RP M. Rivera F. Rodriguez
    MGR B. Cox M. Scoscia
    GM B. Beane M. Shapiro

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