Mariners Pleased To Land Fields

A collection of quotes includes Josh Fields' thoughts about becoming a Mariner, as well as comments about the pick from Mariners Vice President of Scouting Bob Fontaine and Major League Coordinator John McMichen.

Here are some quotes about today's choice of Josh Fields by the Mariners in the first round of the MLB Draft.

Josh Fields:

"I am really excited to be selected by the Seattle Mariners in the first round, and I give all my thanks to Jesus Christ. I hope it will be in a closer role, and I'm sure it will be in the bullpen but really I have no idea. Right now, I'm focused on helping us against N.C. State and get us back to Omaha for the College World Series. To go in the first round today is icing on the cake. I feel really blessed for all the Lord has done for me. Last year, I wasn't picked where I thought I was capable of going but I didn't have a really good year either. I felt like I could do better, and I wanted to do better for my team. When Bud Selig said my name, I was surprised and really excited. Baseball is a business, and I saw that last year. I was familiar with the process after going through it, and I really didn't think a lot about the draft until the past couple of days. I feel blessed and grateful to have this opportunity."

Mariners Vice-President of Scouting Bob Fontaine:

"Josh has proved to be one of the top college pitchers in this year's draft. We are very happy that he was available when we made our selection. With his potential, we think he can only get better in the future and we are extremely pleased to have the rights to him."

"When you can get a reliever with a power arm that's on a relatively short course to the major leagues it makes it very, very attractive."

"This is a kid we've watched for a long time. Our staff has seen him numerous times. This is a kid with a power arm and a power curve ball, and he's a good, good competitor."

"The more you improve your bullpen, the more you improve your starting staff."

"We drafted him because we're planning on signing him. There's never guarantees when anyone you draft, but we're hopeful."

"We basically had three names, and we were hoping to get one of the three. The draft played out how we thought, with the position players going first. We're pretty happy it worked out this way."

Major League/East Coast Coordinator John McMichen:

"I've seen Josh since high school. We have an extensive history with Josh."

"He's not a guy you want to face (as a hitter). He's not the kind of guy you're going to feel comfortable in the box against. He also at the start of the year did a bit of designated hitting for them, so he's a good athlete."

"He's definitely a reliever. There's no thought of making him a starter."

"Josh was one of the first players our scout Chuck Carlson met when he was hired this year. Before he had even personally seen him pitch, he commented to us about the character of Josh. He said he's the kind of guy who will look you right in the eye and is very direct, and that there's some intensity to him. He had a really good feel when he met him."

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