Draft Profile: Jarrett Burgess

Find out what Jarrett Burgess' high school coach has to say about the Florida Christian School right fielder and sixth-round pick of the Mariners.

I spoke to Florida Christian School (FCS) head baseball coach Ernie Padron about Jarrett Burgess, the Mariners' sixth-round pick in the 2008 draft. Burgess is the third Florida Christian player drafted by the Mariners in the last three seasons, joining Denny Almonte and Ricky Orta in the organization. When I asked Padron if the Mariners have a particular interest in his program, he exclaimed "I don't know! But they do hang out here a lot."

Padron spoke highly of Burgess' character, and mentioned several times that he's a "quality kid."

"Jarrett is real coachable, likes to work, and is constantly one of the guys who gets here first, " Padron said. "He wants to hit extra after practice. He's a very hard worker."

Burgess played right field for FCS this season, but Padron says he could easily play center field in the future. "Guys who have talent make the game look easy. Jarrett reads the ball off the bat, takes good jumps. He runs down some balls where you think ‘my gosh that's a double.'"

Physically, Burgess reminds Padron of Mike Cameron. At 6'2", 190, Burgess already has a good body for his age. When I asked about Jarrett's strengths, Padron said that he his most developed tools are his speed and rocket arm. However, he thinks that Jarrett could bring much more to the table: "Jarrett could be a legitimate five-tool guy. He has the great speed and arm strength, but he's showing some power. He's got a swing that he's going to be able to drive the ball. He goes gap to gap with occasional power. He could turn into a guy who can drive the ball out of the park."

Padron also commented that Burgess has been a bit of a late bloomer and is developing very quickly. He thinks Jarrett is going to sign and get his pro career underway soon.

When Burgess does sign, he will likely be sent to either short-season Everett, or the new rookie level team in Pulaski.

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