Miami manager Don Mattingly may be a fan of the Yankees' slugger, but the team has not said it would sign the retired baseball player

Will the Miami Marlins finally make the deal to bring south Florida native Alex Rodriguez home?

If you listen to the Miami Marlins organization, you get the feeling something is going to happen with regards to Alex Rodriguez and the “potential” of the south Florida native coming home to finish out his career.

As of now, nothing has been done to bring Rodriguez, who played his last game of his career for the New York Yankees on Friday night. The man who is four home runs shy of 700 for his career is now officially listed as one of the highest priced “advisers” in major league history.

Rodriguez thinks he can still play the game, and it’s possible the Marlins, who may need a first baseman and a bat in the middle of the lineup, or another team could use his services.

On Saturday, Marlins’ manager Don Mattingly made it clear he is a fan of Rodriguez, but there have been no plans to sign him in the near future.


"I like Alex. I've always liked Alex," Mattingly told reporters before Saturday night's game against the White Sox. "He's always one of those guys that played hard, never afraid of the field. Always wanted to play. Every day, you didn't have to go look for him to play. He wanted to play."

Although Rodriguez was granted his unconditional release, he does have a personal services contract to be an advisor with the Yankees in 2017.

If Rodriguez wants to play again, he and the Yankees could work it out so he is given his release from the organization. That is speculation with no word yet on whether that would happen. You would figure with him so close to hitting records, which include four away from 700 home runs, 18 away from typing Babe Ruth on the all-time record and 59 from typing Hank Aaron for second on the all-time home run list, there is still a chance the 42-year old will be out on a field at one point or another.

There are still plenty of factors that have to play into this kind of move. The Marlins would have to consider a few options before they attempted to bring him on board. Rodriguez is set to make $21 million as his contract runs through the 2017 season. His contract would have to be reworked.He would have to be a position player for the Marlins. Where does he fit? There is no Designated Hitter in the National League

Mattingly has history with Rodriguez, having previously been on the Yankees' staff. But Rodriguez has played just one inning at third base this season, and how he would respond to playing in the field is uncertain.

In 65 games with New York, Rodriguez batted .200 with nine home runs and 31 RBIs. He's appeared as the designated hitter in 57 games and as a pinch-hitter in eight, and he's played third base in one game.

All of the Rodriguez talk came after he announced his retirement, however has been ramped up because Justin Bour is still dealing with his ankle injury. It is presumed Rodriguez would be brought in to fill that role and become a bench player.

There are other options. Rodriguez could stay in New York and honor the contract or sign with an American League team where he could play DH and not have to work in the field.

"We've missed Justin a little bit over there at first," Mattingly said. "He had 15 [homers] and [46 RBIs], and he's missed going [toward] two months now. I don't think we've been able to replace that, for sure."


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