Could Atlanta’s Jeff Francoeur be the next player the team seeks to replace Giancarlo Stanton’s bat?

The Miami Marlins could swing a deal for Atlanta Braves outfielder Jeff Francoeur

The Miami Marlins are slowly running out of options. News broke on Saturday that Carlos Gomez was going to remain in the American League and signed a deal with the Texas Rangers, ending any speculation Miami wanted to bring him to south Florida to replace the bat of Giancarlo Stanton. With the August 31 waiver trade deadline less than two weeks away, can a deal get done to bring in a solid bat and a decent glove to help the team with its losses due to injury?

Everything right now is finding the right fit without having to give up a minor league prospect for a player who may only be a short-term solution.

The Marlins have called up Xavier Scruggs to the majors on Friday. All the first baseman did was hit a home run on Saturday to help secure a 3-1 win over Pittsburgh. Miami also brought up Robert Andino from New Orleans to add infield and left field depth. As Don Mattingly, the Marlins manager said in a story on MLB.com, he continues to remain confident in the organization’s depth in its minor league system.

"We talked in Spring Training, and I look at it like this is our team," Mattingly said. "These are our guys. When we're there with 60 guys in camp, or whatever, we know that some guys are going to end up being in the Minor Leagues.

"I always look at it like, 'These are our guys.' This is not the same place like an L.A. or New York, and we can go out and take on salary. We're going to play with the guys that we have, for the most part."

The guy most likely to get the longest look by the team is Atlanta Braves outfielder Jeff Francoeur, who can play right field and split time with Ichiro Suzuki and give the team a solid fielder as well. Francoeur, however, is not a player who may stay with the team in the future.

There is a slim chance Stanton could be back on the roster before the end of the season, as he has not been completely ruled out for the final month of baseball. The Marlins are also waiting on Justin Bour to return to first base. Should Scruggs continue to provide a strong bat in the middle of the lineup, where would he fit if trades are made and Bour is ready to reclaim his spot?

President of baseball operations Michael Hill and his staff continue to explore position player depth. Gerardo Parra of the Rockies could be another potential target.


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