Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton has been chosen as one of the best right fielders in Major League Baseball

Giancarlo Stanton has been chosen as one of the best right fielders in MLB

He is one of the most feared hitters in all of baseball.

Since Giancarlo Stanton made his Major League debut, he has been giving opposing pitchers nightmares which proving to be the Miami Marlins’ major power source. While there are other power hitters who get more media attention because they play on playoff contending teams on a yearly basis, Stanton can hold his own with anyone playing today.

In a recent story, Stanton was recognized for his success as being named one of the best right fielders to play today. Third, to be exact. The story appears on

“Stop me if you’ve heard this before (or have likely thought it as well): "if only he could stay healthy, his numbers would be insane." No player in baseball has left more incredible seasons on the table than Stanton has, due to the crazy rash of untimely injuries that find him. In 2016, he rebounded well from the broken jaw that ended his MVP push of two years ago.

“He was in the midst of another substantial drive last year when a knee injury stopped him short of reaching his potential again. Mind you, this is a man that has not played in 150 games since 2011 and has still once led the National League in home runs, twice led it in slugging percentage and has homered once every 12 at-bats over the past two years. The full potential continues to lurk; we just want to see it once, that’s all.”

Stanton’s 2016 wasn’t his “usual” power explosion, but he did show he can still send balls out of out of Petco Park in San Diego at the All Star break. Stanton’s assault on baseballs won him the Home Run Derby.

Stanton’s selection put him in some pretty rare company as only Bryce Harper and Mookie Betts were ranked ahead of him.

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