Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria could have as many as six potential buyers of his team

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria could have as many as six potential buyers of his team

It appears the sale of the Miami Marlins is still on the front burner. According to several sources including the Miami Herald and Bleacher Report, current owner Jeffrey Loria is still looking to sell the franchise with a deal potentially being completed by the end of the season.

Talk last month of Loria selling the Marlins to the Kushner Family has died down as the news of Loria being named embassador to France by President Donald Trump clouded the potential move. Jared Kushner is married to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. Joshua Kushner was reported to be the primary investor in the sale. His father, Charles, a real estate mogul had been linked to the deal, but has since been removed from the conversation of said sale.

Per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria "is fully expected to sell the team sometime this year" and they are "actively engaged in discussions with four groups and have had additional conversations with two others."

There is no definitive timetable for when the Marlins could be sold, though Jackson noted the team "would like to reach an agreement with someone in the coming months."

Mike Ozanian of Forbes reported on February 9 the Marlins had a handshake deal to sell the franchise for $1.6 billion, but there was a hangup in trying to make the deal official because a majority of the potential buyer's net worth was tied up in real estate.

Loria has been the owner of the franchise since 2002 when he bought the team from John Henry. Prior to owning the Marlins, Loria was owner of the Montreal Expos.

According to Sean Millerick of, there are as many as six potential investment groups that have expressed interest. Some are local to the Miami are while some have no ties to south Florida.


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