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The deal is not finalized yet, but the sale price to buy the Marlins' organization is reported to be $1.3 billon

The deal is not finalized yet, but the sale price to buy the Marlins' organization is reported to be $1.3 billon

It looks like Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush have themselves a baseball team.

According to Chris Bahr of Fox Sports and other media outlets, The group led by New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter and former Florida governor Jeb Bush has won the auction to purchase the Miami Marlins from Jeffrey Loria, according to a Bloomberg report.

The deal isn’t official and neither the Marlins nor Jeter have commented. According to the Herald, the sale price is $1.3 billion.

The news of the purchase comes after several groups and individuals have made inquiries about buying the team from Jeffrey Loria, who has made no secret about his intent to sell the organization.

Bahr writes that reports of Jeter being actively involved as a potential owner of the franchise began to surface earlier this month, and the Miami Herald reported last week that Jeter and Bush — both of whom had been leading rival groups to buy the Marlins — had combined their efforts.

In this case, two was much better than one.

Jeter told Marlins manager Don Mattingly when the two were in New York as teammates of the Yankees he wanted to someday own a major-league team. Bush, who is taking a page out of his brother George W. Bush’s playbook when he was part-owner of the Texas Rangers, inquired about buying the team as far back as 2013. Bush, whose main focus the past couple of years has been on a failed Presidential run, is not the only person with political ties who has sought owner of the team in south Florida.

Reports over the weekend has the son of former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and former major league pitcher Tom Glavine were heading a group to make a bid on the team.

The first real talk about Loria parting with the Marlins surfaced in February when it appeared he and Jacob Kushner had a “handshake” deal for the team. Kushner is the brother of Jared Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump. The deal fell through when it was revealed that Loria was being considered as embassador to France.

Loria bought the Marlins franchise in 2002 for a reported $258 million.

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