How the Mets Measure Up

Well, if we go by what the experts say, it's going to be another long losing season in Metville. But as Met fans, we have to dream and hope for the better, overlook the negatives and magnify the positives.

Our team is ranked by SI at #17 overall and #3 in our division, behind the Braves and the Phillies. We are sure we are better than the Phillies, and with the changes we've made; we'll beat our division rivals - the Braves.

According to SI's player rankings (1 through 425 for position players and 1 through 400 for pitchers), here's how we stack up against the competition:

Catchers --- Mike Piazza is still our most precious star. The belligerent Piazza is #28 Overall and #1 at the position.,br>
1B --- Big Mo Vaughn is at a very low #75 and #15 at his position. He must hit at least 30 HRs and drive in 90 runs for us to win.

2B --- Roberto Alomar is still appreciated, therefore, he must deliver this time. Robby is considered #66 overall and a very good #7 at 2B.

3B --- This is the most crucial spot. Ty Wigginton, overall #173 and #23 at third.

SS --- This is a tough one. Rey Sanchez is the starting SS but Tom Verducci predicts that Jose Reyes will be named the rookie of the year at SS. By the way, he also predicts Hideki Matsui will win rookie of the year in the other league, so both rookies of the year will from the New York teams. Rey's rankings are #330 overall and #34 at SS. Everybody predicts he will give way to Jose.

Outfielders --- As usual, our outfield is pretty bad (on paper). It's been a long, long time since we've had a decent outfield, so long I don't even feel like researching on this. Any way, newcomer Cliff Floyd is the best of our threesome. He is ranked #38 overall and #15 at Left, while Cedeño (yes, he is ahead of Timo, but I don't buy it) is #135 and #59. Timo is ranked #217 and #96. Lastly, Burnitz must feel like Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect. His ranking is very low #149 overall and #67 at Right. Forget about the rankings, we will establish a new team record for HRs for outfielders.

Rounding up the rest of our position players, see their respective overall ranking below:

C Vance Wilson (356)
1B Tony Clark (361)
3B Jay Bell (365)
SS Jose Reyes (291) --- By the way, Rey Ordoñez is #364.
Outfield T. Shinjo (333)
Utility Joe McEwing (380) --- The lowest ranked Met (of those who appear).

As for the pitching, our best is new Met Tom Glavine (#17), followed by Benitez (26), Leiter (38), Trachsel (72), Stanton (129), Astasio (137), Strickland (147), Cone (172), Weathers (242), Middlebrook (273), and Lloyd (308). Jason Phillips, Jaime Cerda and Mike Bacsik did not make the nominations.

In spite of all the above, dream, dream away, Met fan, dream that we will lead the league in HRs, Runs, SBs, and yes, Wins. You gotta believe.

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