Tony, Raul Bite Diamondbacks Back In Mets' Win

Tony Clark provided more late-inning heroics and Raul Gonzalez continued his quest to stay with the club when Jeromy Burnitz comes back from his injury in a month and a half by continuing to drive the ball as the Mets came back from a 3-0 deficit to win their third game in a row, 4-3. Steve Trachsel continued to provide quality pitching, picking up the win.

Trachsel sailed through the first three innings but Luis Gonzalez greeted him in the fourth with a line-shot that dented the facade in between the mezzanine and upper deck, then richocheted off of an advertisement before landing back on the field. The home run gave the Diamondbacks a 1-0 lead. Danny Bautista then singled and former Met Carlos Baerga, who was in an independent minor leagues two years ago, doubled over centerfielder Timo Perez's head, allowing Bautista to easily score. Perez had been playing Baerga shallow and it cost him as he wasn't able to cover ground fast enough. Trachsel loaded the bases, including walking opposing pitcher Batista. He paid for his mistake as Craig Counsell then blooped a single to right that Raul Gonzalez was unable to make a shoestring catch of. One run scored and it was 3-0.

The Mets got a run back when Piazza singled and Mo Vaugn walked. Raul Gonzalez tried to get a bunt down but Piazza was thrown out at third. Perez singled and Vaughn scored. Gonzalez took third and then scored when Wigginton singled.

Tony Clark continued his season of heroics as he pinch-hit and singled in Mo Vaughn to tie the game.

Raul Gonzalez continued his hot hitting, driving a two-out double to left to score Piazza, who had doubled himself.

Armando Benitez continued his tightrope act, seeing the tying run on third and one out, but he composed himself and got his eighth save.


Saturday's game, weather permitting, will be pitting Tom Glavine against Brandon Webb.

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