Robbins: "Long Day With Great Ending"

It came down to the very end for Mason Robbins, but in the end it was good news for Southern Miss fans. He talks about his decision to stick with the Eagles in this exclusive interview with

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The Southern Miss baseball program already had a great signing class, but George County's Mason Robbins had the ability to take it from good from great to exceptional.

Into the late hours Monday night, even he wasn't sure which way it was going to go.

Robbins, LHP/ OF who was drafted by the Mets, talks about the back and forth of his day Monday.

"Well we were uncertain through the whole day, and very nervous, there were many mixed emotions," he said.

"I guess I was ready to get it over with and at the same time taking it all in because this only happens once in a lifetime.

The Mets were still working on Robbins up to the midnight deadline.

"We were not knowing, and our first call we got around 7:00 and they were just wanting to see where we were, then around 10:00 they gave me an offer," he said.

"It wasn't what were looking for, and they said they would call back again. They did, and it still wasn't around what we were looking for so we decided I was going to school."

"It was a long day with a great ending."

Robbins sent text messages out to many people at that time. The message: "Eagle"

What are some things he most looks forward to now that his decision is behind him?

"The biggest thing is playing with my class that I am playing with," he said. "I've gotten to know them real well and they are a great bunch of guys and the coaches, atmosphere, and everything that is Southern Miss baseball has me excited."

What does he foresee as his role with Southern Miss next season?

"I am going to work my tail off and try to earn a spot in the line-up," he said. "I want to play outfield so that is my biggest goal, to earn a starting job."

"I need to keep working on my speed is the biggest thing," he added.

Robbins plans on studying Undergraduate Construction while in college. He is happy to have this decision behind him and is really looking forward to his days ahead as an Eagle.

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