Mets @ Yankees Series Preview

Ok, it's time for some magic. The Mets and Yankees are going to miraculously play four games of baseball in three days. Due to last Saturday's game being rained out, the Mets and Yankees will play a home-home doubleheader. After they play an afternoon game at Yankee Stadium, both teams will board buses and drive to Queens and play a game at Shea. The bus driver's union is thrilled.

Neither team has been playing outstanding baseball, as the Mets looked horrible in their three game series against the Marlins, making four errors on Thursday as they lost two games of the series. The Yankees needed heroics in their series against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, including a three-run home run in the ninth inning in their Tuesday game.

The Mets are still basically auditioning their youth movement, while the Yankees are trying to get back on track. They just acquired Karim Garcia and Dan Miceli from the Indians for a PTBNL. They don't look like the same Yankees of the past, and are actually starting to make some questionable trades, like getting Ruben Sierra.

Maybe both teams will show some magic and actually pull some good hitting and timely pitching out of their hats too.

Here are the pitching matchups for the series:

Game One
Jae Seo (5-2, 2.66) Vs. David Wells (9-2, 3.26)

With the Mets throwing a lot of rookies into the mix of late, predicting the starting rotation has been a guessing game, but this one looks pretty solid. Seo hasn't pitched in a week, and the Mets hope that his split fingernail has healed. They also hope that he's not rusty from the week layoff. Wells pitched seven innings his last start and gave up one run, but he didn't get the decision. Lefties have given the Mets fits this year, and Wells will look to take advantage of that.

Game Two
Jeremy Griffths (0-0, 7.50) vs. Roger Clemens (7-5, 3.54)

The Mets continue their testing of their young arms to see who will stick with the team through the rest of the season and beyond. Griffiths has had a rough go of it in the major leagues, but he's looking to reverse his fortunes. On the other hand, Clemens is as grizzled a veteran as one can get. One wonders though if Torre shuffled his rotation so that Clemens would pitch at Yankee Stadium with the DH rule....Mets hitters better stay loose in the batters box.

Game Three
Brandon Claussen vs. Tom Glavine (5-7, 4.31)

This is the opposite of Game Two. The Yankees are putting the wet-behind-the-ears pup on the mound in Claussen while the Mets put their veteran on the mound. Problem is, in the past, the Mets have made a habit of making rookie pitchers look like Cy Young pitchers, especially in their first time ever seeing this pitcher. He's a lefty, so that seems like a double whammy for the Mets. Glavine will have his hands full with the Yankees, but this is what the Mets are paying him the big money for... to rise to the occasion.

Game Four
Al Leiter (8-4, 5.44) vs. Jeff Weaver (3-6, 5.73)

This game is a match-up of a former ace who seems to be on his way down and a pitcher who has ace potential, but has squandered his chance so far with a combination of bad luck and immaturity. Leiter would have trouble getting the Bad News Bears out lately, and Weaver implodes at the first sign of trouble. This could either be a close game or a football-score game. This is an 8pm game that is being aired on ESPN, and these games have had a habit of being dramatic of late. Stay tuned even if the score is lopsided, because anything can happen.

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