2003 Scouting Report: Reliever, P.J. Bevis

The Mets acquired P. J. Bevis from the Arizona Diamondbacks for outfielder Mark Little. The Diamondbacks signed Bevis as an undrafted International free agent out of Australia. Bevis emerged as a prospect in 2001 after he bulked up and the Diamondbacks made adjustments in his arm slot. After 3 seasons in short season leagues, Bevis started 2001 at Yakima (0.64 ERA), a rookie league team, jumped to El Paso (2.16 ERA) AA. He had a combined record of 1-1, 14 saves, and 41 strikeouts in 31 innings.

In 2002, Bevis continued his success at AA. His combined record was 5-5 with 11 saves. Bevis allowed 55 hits, issued 32 bases on balls, and struck out 76 batters in 71 innings pitched.

With the logjam of pitching at AAA, Bevis returned to Binghamton. Despite the poor 1-4 record and high 4.70 ERA, Bevis' peripheral numbers remain solid. The only concern is his BB-rate which improved slightly from 4.1 per 9 IP in 2002 to 3.8 per 9 IP in 2003. His other very sold ratios: 13.0 K per 9 IP; 7.8 hits per 9 IP; 0.7 HR per 9 IP, 3.4 K per 1 BB. His ratios speaks to his ability to fool AA hitters, but obviously not necessarily with runners on base during 2003.





























El Paso








*Stats as of 6/23/03.

Repertoire. 4-seam fastball (FB), curve ball (CB).

Fastball. Bevis' FB sits at 92-93 mph that tops off at 95 mph.

Other Pitches. Bevis throws an overhand hard CB. And, he throws a second CB that ranges from 66-69 mph.

Pitching. Needs to improve his control and better locate his FB. Also, Bevis pitches backward in attempting to set up his slow CB with fastballs in strikeout situations. That might work at AA, but MLB hitters are likely to foul off the slow CB. He'll need to work using both CBs to set up his FB to get strikeouts.

Projection. Middle relief and eventually a setup.

ETA. Before the end of 2004.

Relievers Team
Tyler Yates AAA - Norfolk Tides
Orber Moreno AAA - Norfolk Tides
John Bale AAA - Norfolk Tides
Heath Bell AAA - Norfolk Tides
Jason Scobie AAA - Norfolk Tides
Mike Cox AA - Binghamton Mets
Paul-Jon Bevis AA - Binghamton Mets
Jason Saenz AA - Binghamton Mets
Nick Mattioni AA - Binghamton Mets
Tim Lavigne AA - Binghamton Mets
Steve Bennett A - St. Lucie Mets
Blake McGinley A - St. Lucie Mets
Rafael Lopez A - St. Lucie Mets
David Byard A - St. Lucie Mets
Bryan King A - Capital City Bombers


The Mets have some depth to their minor league core of RPs. Most teams also convert SP into RP at some stage in the process. The Mets have 3 closer prospects who are recovering from surgery: Tyler Yates, Orber Moreno and Franklin Nunez. The Mets have decent depth in LHP RP prospects: John Bale; Jaime Cerda; Mike Cox; Jason Saenz; and Blake McGinley. Further, Yunior Cabrera, Brian Walker and Ross Peeples could easily be lefties added to the bullpen. Jason Weir may eventually be such at Brooklyn. There is also some depth in pitchers who might serve a variety of roles in the bullpen such as Heath Bell, Jason Scobie, Tim LaVigne, PJ Bevis, and Bryan King. Again, certain SP such as Jake Joseph and Joey Cole might find their way into the bullpen.

1. Tyler Yates, who reached 100 mph in Spring Training, is recovering from TJ surgery. The Mets have been using him as a starter, but I would expect him to return to the bullpen. His FB possesses good movement and his SL sharp break. He'd be the top closer prospect. I doubt he'd be ready for the role on opening day in 2004 as the former GM once stated.

2. Orber Moreno, once the KC Royals closer of the future, is recovering from both shoulder and elbow surgeries that have derailed him since 2000. He features a high 90s FB with great movement, SL and CU. He'll be a minor league FA if not on the Mets 40-man roster, so it's likely the Mets will use him at Shea at some point this season.

3. Franklin Nunez also features a high 90s FB with a SL, Splf. FB, and CU. Like Moreno, he also will be a minor league FA. But, the lateness of his rehab precludes any likelihood of his being called up before September.

4. While Cox and Saenz may have better stuff, Blake McGinley is the surest of the lefty propects to pitch in MLB. He features a mid-to-high 80s FB with excellent movement, a sharp break curve and effective CU. He's added a SL. His repertoire is extensive enough to be considered for an opportunity to start.

5. John Bale can both start and relieve. He's another with a history of injuries who's just recovering. He features a nasty CB with a low 90s FB and excellent CU. He'll also be a free agent after 2003.

6. Jason Saenz and Mike Cox both suffer from I can't hit the Atlantic Ocean if I aim at disease.

7. Despite his troubles in 2003, Bell still possesses the stuff to be a middle RP or setup.

8. P J Bevis also can be an effective middle RP or setup.

9. Tim LaVigne who features a big breaking CB is another candidate for middle RP or setup.

10. Jason Scobie looks like the best candidate for a middle RP/long RP/spot SP type slot. He features a quality CB and SL It's supported by a 2-seam FB with solid sink and a CU with good drop.

11. Rafael Lopez is another RP who could fill the middle RP/long RP/ spot SP role.

12. Jake Joseph might make an excellent setup with his excellent 2-seam FB, slurvy SL and CU. Combo.

13. Wayne Ough and Kenneth Chenard might also fill mid RP/long RP/spot SP roles. Chenard might have the best repertoire after Kazmir in the organization but lack durability raises concerns about his viability as a SP. Ough also has great stuff and might also be a closer prospect.

14. Heath Bell's FB sits at 92-95 mph. He also complements with a decent SL and spl. FB.

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