2003 Scouting Report: OF, Alhaji Turay

Alhaji Turay was selected on the second round of the June 2001 free agent draft. Turay hit 10 home runs in only 61 at bats his senior year in high school. In workouts, he has demonstrated that he already is able to hit home runs out of any part of a MLB park. He also as a teenager was able to drive curves something most teenagers are unable to do. Turay was suspended in 2002 for poor behavior, but he also didn't listen to his coaches. The suspension seemed to solve that problem.

In 2003 Turay has gotten off to a fast start. He suffered a bone bruise for which he missed substantial time and hurt his offensive productivity. Nonetheless, Turay displayed remarkable improvement in his plate discipline. His combined K/BB (96:20) ratio for 2001 and 2002 was 4.6 K per BB. In 2003, that ratio is 2.4 K per BB. While that ratio is barely acceptable for a power hitter, it's likely to improve as the season progresses. And, it should be decent by the end of the season. His 14 BB in 135 is very solid. He simply needs to make contact a bit more often. Turay had 17 extra-base hits for an XBA (extra-base hits divided by at bats) of 0.126. Turay's XBA is outstanding and suggests the potential to hit for power and average as he develops.















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*Stats as of 7/1/03.

Batting and Power. Turay has excellent power potential that should he make translate into 27-35 HR during his prime even in park like Shea Stadium. He has power to all fields and can drive off-speed pitches. Turay has limited physical projectibility. He's improved his approach to hitting. By reducing his K-rate, Turay might hit for a very solid BA.

Base Running and Speed. Turay is an aggressive base runner with good not great speed. He has good instincts on the base paths. Needs to improve his success rate on stolen base attempts.

Defense. Turay has a strong arm and good instincts defensively. He gets surprisingly good jumps and takes good angles for a player his age. When he doesn't take a lackadaisical approach to fielding, he has good instincts defensively.

Projection. Turay projects to a starting corner outfielder, who can be as good a hitter as anyone in the system. The ability to improve his contact will be the difference between being a marginal player or a quality, productive MLB performer.

ETA. Likely September 2005.

Outfielders Team
Prentice Redman AAA - Norfolk Tides
Esix Snead AAA - Norfolk Tides
Matthew Watson AAA - Norfolk Tides
Jeff Duncan AA - Binghamton Mets
Ronald Acuna AA - Binghamton Mets
Angel Pagan A - St. Lucie Mets
Wayne Lydon A - St. Lucie Mets
Bobby Malek A - St. Lucie Mets
Jonathan Slack A - Capital City Bombers
Alhaji Turay A - Capital City Bombers
Jamar Hill A - Capital City Bombers
Derran Watts A - Brooklyn Cyclones
Seth Pietsch A - Brooklyn Cyclones
Corey Coles A - Brooklyn Cyclones
Roberto Solano R - Kingsport Mets
Tyler Davidson R - Kingsport Mets
Jesus Gamera R - Kingsport Mets


Outfield is not a strength of the organization and the Mets have a shortage of power hitters. The Mets attempted to address this problem in the 2002 and 2003 drafts. The top OF prospect remain Alhaji Turay. Behind Turay is Bob Malek. The best of the short season OF are Roberto Solano and Jamar Hill. The 2003 draft added Seth Pietsch and Corey Coles who have power. The system has a number of speedy CF prospects with limited power projection. Jeff Duncan and Angel Pagan are the top CF prospects. Others include Jon Slack, Derran Watts, Wayne Lydon, and Esix Sneed. While Roberto Solano is playing CF for Kingsport, he's likely to end up a corner OF.

1. Until Lasting Milledge signs, Alhaji Turay remains the jewel of the outfield prospects. Turay hits for power to all fields. He needs to improve his plate discipline to be a star, but he has that kind of talent.

2. Bobby Malek is the only returning left-handed hitting OF with any power. He likely projects to 18-22 HR power projection. TJ elbow surgery has delayed his development, but his collegiate ratios suggest he'd be a high average hitter.

3. The top returning short-season OF prospect is Roberto Solano. He has great instincts defensively, but only solid speed. He has great bat speed and should hit for power as he fills out. He needs to improve his approach to hitting.

4. Jamar Hill is a draft and follow signee from Alaska by way of Santa Ana Junior College in California. He can also play 3B. He has great projectibility and could develop 30 HR plus power.

5. Ty Davidson missed 2002 with a fractured forearm. He has the best power potential of any player in the system including Craig Brazell (1B) and Brandon Wilson (C).

6. Corey Coles has some power and adds a needed left-handed bat with some pop. He can also pitch.

7. Seth Pietsch has excellent power, but needs to improve his plate discipline and approach to hitting.

8. Angel Pagan has the best ceiling among the Mets CF prospects, but the Mets don't intend to develop Pagan's power potential. He has great speed and is a fine defensive player.

9. Jeff Duncan is more advanced in all phases of the game than Pagan and should demontrate at least gap power. There is some chance that Duncan might hit 12-15 HR per season.

10. Esix Snead, Derran Watts and Wayne Lydon are rapidly approaching marginal prospect status, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of them makes it.

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