Scouting Mets' Prospect Luis Mateo

Mets' prospect, Luis Mateo has been one of the most impressive starting pitchers in the New York-Penn League in 2012, both in terms of stuff and performance. On Sunday night, I checked in on Mateo's outing to get a look at just how talented a prospect the Mets may have on their hands.

Name: Luis Mateo
Position: Pitcher
Team: New York Mets
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 185
Bats/Throws: R/R

Events Scouted: New York-Penn League

Physical Description

Mateo is a very strong, athletic 22-year-old. He's likely to add a little weight in the coming years, but not a whole lot. He has the sturdy frame of a big league pitcher right now.


Although he repeats well, there are some mechanical issues with Mateo. His arm action looks a little stiff at times, and he sometimes costs himself some velocity. Overall, his ability to repeat is a big strength, though.


There was a lot of inconsistency in Mateo's velocity on this particular night, some of it potentially stemming from his pre-inning warmups. Most of his warmup pitches were not at full strength and he'd begin innings around 90-91 mph. By the end of the inning, he'd work around 92-93 mph. A pleasant surprise from Mateo was also his rising velocity in the middle innings. After topping out at 93 over the first few innings, Mateo began to sit at 92-94 mph and touch 95 near the end of his outing.


The slider is Mateo's primary off-speed weapon. It flashed average bite at 84-86 mph, but his ability to locate it was most impressive. He did induce some swings and misses but it may not have the depth yet to be a true swing and miss offering at the big league level.


The changeups were few and far between in this particular outing, but he did throw a few for quality strikes at 85-86 mph. He's going to need this pitch, but it does appear to be a pitch he'll be capable of developing further.


The framework is there for Mateo to be a quality big leaguer. His rising velocity in the middle innings could allow him to be a starter, but he looks like a guy who could sit 94-95 mph with his fastball in short relief stints. The secondaries need significant development, but the potential is there to be a third or fourth starter, or a late inning reliever.

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