Brad Ausmus Opens Up to NPR

For those trying to get a window into what Brad Ausmus will be like as a manager, he had a half hour interview with NPR in 2011, where he went into detail about his playing days, his approach to catching, his attention to detail in preparation, and how he led his pitching staff.

Featured excerpts from the interview:

On the mental checklist he went through before calling each pitch:

"[I'm thinking] what's the score, what inning are we in, how many outs, what's this hitter's weakness, what's this pitcher's strengths, who's on deck, who could pinch hit, who is up after the hitter on deck — and you kind of go through all of these things in an instant," says Ausmus. "And then you make a decision and put down the next signal. [You're also thinking] how did we get this guy out last time, what pitches did he see, what pitches did we just throw — so there's about 10 to a dozen things that you go through in your mind before you put that signal down."

On his game day preparation with his pitcher:

"We would go through this stack with their stats: how often do they walk, how often do they strike out — and this all gets condensed down into a chart," he says. "You use that as your cheat sheet before the game before you're going over the lineup with the pitcher that day."

On how he mentally approached working with a pitcher in a jam:

"When I left the pitchers' mound, I wanted them to feel like they could get out of [that] particular situation," he says. "I wanted that pitcher, even if he was in the worst situation possible, ... I wanted [him] to feel like, 'Hey, I have a chance to get out of this.' So my general rule was to be positive."

The full interview is over a half hour long. You can listen to it on NPR's website at the link below:

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