Good Move, Bad Move: Brian Matusz

The Mets have explored trades for a left-handed relief pitcher and one name that keeps appearing atop their list Baltimore Orioles left hander Brian Matusz. Keep it here on to hear more about Matusz and would it be a good or bad move for the Mets to trade for him.

Opening Day is only a week away, and the New York Mets are still without a left-handed relief pitcher in their bullpen. Since left hander Josh Edgin went down with a season ending elbow injury, the required him to get Tommy John surgery, the Mets have yet to replace him with another left handed pitcher in the bullpen.

The Mets front office though, have been on the look out for a possible trades that would allow them to acquire a left handed relief pitcher. One trade that has been talk about, is the Mets acquiring left handed relief pitcher Brian Matusz in a trade with the Baltimore Orioles.

The former fourth overall pick out the University of San Diego, has been a solid left-handed relief pitcher out of the bullpen for the Orioles.

After having trouble being a starter for Orioles early on in his career, Matusz has excelled since being moved to being a relief pitcher in the bullpen.

In 2012, Matusz in 18 relief appearances pitched to a 1.35 ERA and struck out 19 batters, helping the Orioles make the playoffs that season.

The past two seasons as a full-time relief pitcher, Matusz has been solid. He is averaging over 50 strikeouts, with an ERA of 3.50, and has been great getting left handed power hitters out in key moments of the game.

Matusz is a good relief pitcher and someone that Mets need in their bullpen, the problem though he’s not worth trading away valuable prospects for.

For the right price, Matusz makes sense for the Mets to trade for. If he’s not, and the Mets have to trade away a couple good young prospects, he ain’t worth trading for. The Mets can find other option, that can give them around the same out of production that Matusz would. They could trade for another left handed reliever, like Colorado Rockies left handed relief pitcher Rex Brothers, who they could acquire for a cheaper price. Or the Mets in the mean time could bring up one of their young left handers in their farm system, like Sean Gilmartin or Steve Matz. They could put them in the bullpen to help give some major league experience, and then when they get a left handed reliever, they can ease them being a starting pitcher.

Overall, Matusz is a solid left-handed reliever, who at the right price would be great asset for the Mets to have. If the demand for Matusz is too high though, Mets can find other ways to fill their need of having left handed pitcher in their bullpen, that would equal the production of what Matusz would give them.

The Mets have shown that they are not willing to trade their young talented away for veteran players to fit a need they have. They didn’t try to trade for Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, or pull the trigger on a trade with the Washington Nationals, that would have gotten them shortstop Ian Desmond. So if Matusz is too much to give up for, the Mets will not trade for him and will find another way to find their left-handed relief pitcher.

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