Matt Harvey's dating life taking centerstage

Another year, another supermodel girlfriend for New York Mets pitching ace Matt Harvey. While Harvey's life both on and off the diamond is one that many envy, if things goes south for the Amazin's this season, No. 33's glamorous lifestyle could become a punching bag for the media and fans.

Ahh, what is means to be young (and the most famous man in New York). That would be Matt Harvey, and despite it being just five days until the Mets open the season, it is Harvey’s dating life that is stealing the spotlight. Harvey’s idol when discussing romancing women is of course Derek Jeter, and while he is nowhere near the plethora of famous celebrities Jeter has been connected with, Harvey is slowly making a name for himself on the dating scene. His current crush Ania Cywinska is a Polish model. The two have been dating for a few months, and plan on continuing their relationship once the star leaves the sunshine of Port St.Lucie and enters the brisk New York City weather.

Though the weather will be brisk, the spotlight on his performance will be blinding and ultimately what matters in this town. Jeter dated all he wanted without criticism largely due to his performance and accolades on the diamond coupled with his representation of the New York Yankees off the field in business related ventures. This is not to say Harvey cannot continue to date models, however, if he struggles to begin the season you can be sure the media will pounce on this relationship as a scapegoat for his poor performance. Moreover, even with Jeter’s success on and off the field with his all-star team of romantic interests, it did not completely eliminate him from criticism. In fact, in 2007, George Steinbrenner and Jeter had a war of words over Jeter’s alleged partying habits and late nights out. This miniature feud was eventually quelled in historic fashion, with the late Steinbrenner participating in a commercial for Mastercard with Jeter which parodied their supposed argument in the owner’s office.

Harvey is the main man in New York now, especially with Jeter’s retirement. Harvey is the person who will be under the microscope of the entire city this season and void of any scapegoat as the Mets are for the first time, expected to perform admirably. If the Mets fail, the burden will largely fall on Harvey and unfortunately for him, the Mets not living up to expectations this season may not only affect him professionally. As much as Harvey wants to be like Jeter, his chief concern must be winning because in New York, that is all that counts.

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