Brooklyn Cyclones to celebrate Seinfeld night

The New York Mets single-A affiliate will celebrate their second annual Seinfeld night on July 5 this season.

Since “25 years of nothing” was such a success, the Brooklyn Cyclones opted for a 26th. In case you are perplexed, the reference is to the oft quoted, replayed and celebrated situational comedy Seinfeld. Last season, the Cyclones celebration of the Seinfeld featured a low volume public address announcer and the foul poles being ceremoniously called festivus poles. This season the Cyclones are opting for a more traditional and low scale celebration as Steve Hytner who played Kenny Bania on the show will be at the ballpark on July 5th to commemorate the night.

According to the Cyclones press release, the first 100 fans to purchase tickets receive a private meet and greet with the former Seinfeld actor. As a fan of Seinfeld from nightly replays of it, the promotion is a fascinating marketing ploy to get fans to the ballpark in Brooklyn.

The originality of the promotion coupled with the notoriety Seinfeld still has with the public makes the night a shrewd move for the Cyclones. At the minor league levels, generating a committed fan base is generally determined by community and cultural outreach. Unlike the big leagues, there is less media attention and the fans tend to cheer for the team, while unlikely to know more than a fraction of the roster.

Any connection the team can make to what still is “pop-culture” is a vital step in creating and maintaining passionate and dedicated fans despite team turnover. With the success of this promotional night last season, and its anticipated positive results this season, it could become an annual night within the Brooklyn Cyclones promotional schedule. It certainly will not rival that of “bat day” at Yankee Stadium, or bobble-head day at major league ballparks, but anything to get the borough of Brooklyn talking about the Cyclones is naturally very positive for the organization.

So, in short, it’s a positive venture by the Cyclones and it should prove to be another night to celebrate, reminisce and remember “nothing” in the borough that prides itself on fuhgeddaboudit.

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