King of Queens joins Mets batting practice

Actor, Comedian and well-known Met fan Kevin James was rubbing elbows with David Wright and Michael Cuddyer as he took batting practice with the Amazin's on Tuesday night.

The former “King of Queens” star Kevin James returned to Queens. Though, instead of causing havoc at his situational comedy home, James was out at Citi Field taking batting practice. In addition to taking BP, James was out yucking it up with captain David Wright and newly acquired Michael Cuddyer. Hopefully James learns a thing or two from those veteran hitters. Though, James primary motive was promoting his highly anticipated sequel Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. Fans of the original film have waited six years for a sequel, and James is finally giving the goofy family comedy a second life at the movies.

While James has been a familiar face at Citi Field for many years, the Mets expectations and hot start have contributed to a multitude of celebrities flocking to Citi Field. This trend is likely to continue if the Mets hot start is parlayed into a memorable season. Typically, it’s the neighbors from the Bronx attracting A-list celebrities, though with the Yankees long anticipated demise to finally happen this season, it could be the Mets year to steal the celebrity thunder.

It may be deemed inconsequential by both organizations originally, but the celebrity presence at Citi Field could not be ignored if it continues. The Dark Knight effect of Matt Harvey, and the Mets boasting a young, talented, gritty group are all things New York embraces. With avid fan support come the celebrities and it will be fascinating to see what this season brings for the Mets on celebrity row. The season is young, but maybe, just maybe for Mets fans, this is the year to believe and the year where the younger brother finally dethrones the older.

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