Dilson Herrera making noise at Triple-A

New York Mets second base prospect Dilson Herrera is making his case for a call-up later this summer since he's been tearing it up at the Triple-A level in Las Vegas.

Moving from Single-A to the Major Leagues in one season is difficult to say the least, but twenty-one year old Dilson Herrera has proved with his skills at the plate and at second base that with consistency, it can be done. The Colombia native was traded to the Mets from the Pirates in 2013, and he made this monumental transition through the franchise during the 2014 season. He suffered a minor quad strain at the end of the season that brought him back to AAA, but he has since been making strides at-bat once again this season that may pull him back up to the Major League.

Herrera’s stats from his first season in Queens are very impressive, as he was only twenty-years old at the time, and it often can be difficult for players to adjust to new teams after they have been traded. In his first season in the Major League Herrera had 11 RBIs, 3 homeruns, and a batting average of .220. His stats from his minor league career before he was pulled up are just as impressive; he hit .320, 9 homeruns, and 56 RBIs in 104 games. In addition, he also accumulated 26 doubles and 21 stolen bases in the single-A and double-A leagues. He weighs in at 150 pounds, so his lighter body makes it easier to steal bases.

Herrera has been able to prove his consistency in the 2015 season in AAA in Las Vegas as well. So far this year he has 7 RBIs, 12 runs, and .364 average. He also recently had a streak of seven games in a row that he scored at least one run for the Mets. His height helps him deliver a smooth, consistent swing that has brought him this success behind the plate throughout his baseball career. His younger age also proves that he still has much time to grow and improve even more at-bat and on the field.

The only aspect holding Herrera back from returning to Queens is Daniel Murphy securing the second baseman spot for the Mets. As the franchise looks to have a more competitive season, it will be more selective in choosing players to bring up from the minor leagues, which may hinder Herrera from advancing again. There is a large gap in the shortstop position, however, and if Herrera is able to improve his skills on the field, he may be able to fill it for the Mets. Therefore, combined with his skills at the plate and potential to grow on the field, Herrera would make for a strong addition to the Mets for the 2015 season.

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