Mets pitching prospect flirts with no-hitter

The New York Mets have stockpiled pitching talent at the Major and Minor League level and young Steven Matz came oh so close to adding a no-no to his record this week.

During the Las Vegas vs Reno game this past Friday, the Mets’ starting pitcher prospect, Steven Matz, flirted with a no-hitter up through the seventh inning, allowing only two hits and a walk during the course of the game. The game marked the 2009 second-round draft pick’s finest Triple A start, as the Mets were able to walk away with an easy 12-0 win over Reno. Matz is currently the Mets’ number 3 pitching prospect, and his strong performance this past Friday helped to drop his ERA to 2.01.

Despite a walk from the Ace’s Peter O’Brien in the fourth inning, Matz was able to keep any Ace player from getting on base up to the seventh inning. His no-hitter streak was broken when former Met Nick Evans hit a single to the left side of the field with two outs in the inning. Soon after Garrett Weber also got a single off of Matz to the right side.

Las Vegas pitching coach Frank Viola then stepped onto the mound to talk to Matz and remind him to slow down his pitching and give him a breather. Following the brief pause, Matz was able to continue shutting down the Ace’s players at-bat and did not allow any more runs. He even was able to stop Matt Pagnozzi for the third time behind the plate.

Including his dominance at the mound, Matz was additionally able to help contribute to the Mets’ offensive success against the Aces. He hit a single in the second inning, and in the fifth he was able to get another hit that set off a four-run streak for the Mets. This success at-bat also brought Matz his first professional hit.

Matz’s strong performance so far in the minor league leaves many hopeful that he will be able to move up to the Major League in the 2015 season. The only factor that may hinder Matz moving up in the program, however, is the fact that the Mets currently have a strong set of pitchers in Queens, with five players including Matt Harvey and Buddy Carlyle. Despite this, the twenty-three year old is still very young and has much time to build his skills on the mound and behind the plate. His impressive 2.01 ERA and strong first start for the 2015 season though may prove to move up the number three prospect sometime in the near future.

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