Mets' GM: We have ability to take on money

No one seems to believe him, but Mets general manager Sandy Alderson insists that if the right deal came across his desk the team has enough money to spend on a viable bat to improve the lineup.

Sandy Alderson talked to the media for about a half an hour yesterday and discussed the Mets ability to spend money and possibility to improve the team before the deadline. In the press conference he said he was given the ok to spend the ownerships money to improve the Mets.

When asked if he had the Fred Wilpon's approval to spend money on a major contract the Mets general manager was candid.

"I've said before that we have the ability to take on money," noted Alderson. "I think the answer to that is yes. OK, now none of you will believe me, So I’m not sure why you asked the question and insisted on the answer.’’

The reason why the question was raised and why many Mets fans fail to believe him is because the Mets have not shown they are willing to spend money on a major player. Actions speak louder than words and the Mets have not taking any steps to improve their offense this season or in the recent past.

Thursday night their 3-4-5 hitters consisted of Wilmer Flores (.249), John Mayberry Jr. (.165), and Eric Campbell (.176) which could compare to a minor league lineup. They spend little to no time and money to improve their offense. Their pitching staff is one of the best in the majors but luckily young and inexpensive. There is no evidence that Alderson or the Mets will spend money in the future and particularly in the next seven days so it is reasonable to question his statements. Alderson has also showed no signs that he is willing to trade a young prospect in order to bring a major contract player to New York.

Alderson seemed to focus on the positives without shedding any light on the team’s plans moving forward.

" We have great starting pitching that will get better over time; we’re cognizant of our strengths and our weaknesses,” admitted the Mets’ GM. “We are looking hard to improve those weaknesses. But we’re realistic too. Is there a window, yes, but as I said, it’s not a few weeks wide, it’s the longer view we have to take."

Alderson continues to suggest that they are not completely set on making an addition to improve their hitting. The imbalance between their hitting in pitching is too drastic for a playoff contending team to be content with the lineup they have. Wilpon and Alderson must make a move, or two, before the deadline to prove to Mets fans they are doing all they can to make a playoff push.

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