Meet the Mets: Juan Uribe

One of the newest members of the New York Met, is veteran infielder Juan Uribe. The journeyman from the Dominican Republic was acquired by the Metropolitans to help bolster an anemic bench and provide a quality veteran bat. Find out how the two-time World Series Champion can help the Amazin's during their playoff push.

Meet one of the newest players for the New York Mets, Juan Uribe. He is a 15-year veteran infielder, who has been apart of many different major league baseball teams in his career.

The Dominican Republic native has been called a journeyman throughout his professional baseball career. Uribe has played for six different teams including: The Colorado Rockies, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves and now the New York Mets.

During his career, Uribe has been known to be an above average baseball player.

At the plate, Uribe has some pop in his bat, hitting 20 or more home runs in four of his 15 pro seasons. He does though have the tendency to strike-out often, but most who have seen Uribe play would expect that from free swinger who chases high fast baseballs out of the zone. Uribe also has been hitting well the past few seasons. He had a .313 batting average last season, and was hitting .285 for the Braves, before he was traded to the Mets.

For his glove in the field, there is no doubt that Uribe is a very good fielder. Just look at the great play he made at third in his first game for the Mets on Saturday against the Dodgers. The man can play the hot corner very well still at 36-years-old and can play second base in the infield as well.

From his career, this is what Mets fan can expect from Uribe:

He gives the Mets a great option off the bench. As most Mets fans know, the Amazin’s have literally no bench at all and Urbie will give them someone who can provide some power at least in the middle or end of the game. Uribe also gives the Mets some depth in the infield, and if need be can be called upon for a start here or there too.

The Mets need as much help as they can get, and Urbie has proven in his career that he can at least give a little help to the Metropolitans offensive struggles.

Right now in the twilight days of his career, Uribe is a perfect utility player and has shown that being in that role that he can help the team win. Last year as a utility player for the Dodgers, he provided Los Angeles with a good option off the bench and played well as their starting third baseman for most of the season; helping the Dodgers win the National League West Division.

If Urbie can help the Mets get their offense going a bit, with their pitching staff, New York has the ability to make a run at a playoff spot this season. If the Mets make the playoffs, Uribe will give them a player with some great playoff experience. Uribe is a two-time World Series champion, winning a championship with the both the White Sox and Giants.

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