Mets' pursuit of Gomez doesn't go as planned

The New York Mets pursuit of Carlos Gomez did not end as the club expected and caused undue stress on shortstop Wilmer Flores. Amazin' Clubhouse recounts a wild and crazy night at Citi Field.

In a whirlwind evening that left players tweeting goodbye messages and a shortstop crying in the middle of a game, players and fans alike were confused about the Mets’ newest trade talks with Carlos Gomez. Before Wednesday night’s game against the Padres, the Mets had agreed to trade Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores for Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers, but the trade fell through by the end of the night. Even though high-ranking executives from both teams had confirmed it, the trade came to a halt after the medical records of the three players were reviewed.

While it is still unclear if it was the Mets or the Brewers that pulled the plug on the trade, both would be receiving players with injuries of concern. Wheeler underwent Tommy John surgery in March and is not scheduled to pitch for the Mets again until the 2016 season. As for the Mets, they showed signs of concern over Gomez’s hip.

As the events of Wednesday night’s game went on, several confusing situations took place on the field. The first sign that something went askew with the trade was that the Mets kept Flores in most of the game, even though usually when a player is going to be traded they do not play as many innings so to prevent injuries that could halt the trade.

By the seventh inning, when Flores came up to bat he received a standing ovation from the crowd, who all saw on social media the news about the trade and thought it would be the player’s last at-bat with the Mets. When Flores returned to shortstop in the eighth inning he was seen crying on the field, stating later that he was unaware of the trade until that night and grew emotional that he would have to leave the only team he has played for.

As for Gomez, who originally signed into the Major League with the Mets in 2002, he will remain playing center field for the Brewers unless traded by another franchise before Friday. Among contending programs looking for outfielders include the Orioles, Giants, Astros, and Padres. The two-time all-star is batting .262 and has eight homeruns and 43 RBIs this season, which may have qualified him as a strong asset to the Mets’ offense if the trade went through.

The Mets decided to give Flores a break from Thursday’s game against the Padres and took him out of the line up. The team hopes this break will help him get himself back on the ground and continue to move forward with the team.

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