Jacob deGrom continues to dominate the NL

The New York Mets have been the beneficiaries of terrific starting pitching and Jacob deGrom has been at the center of it all this season.

After facing long-term injuries this season with his hip and shoulder, Jacob deGrom seems to have overcome obstacles and throw some of the best starts seen by any pitcher this season. The former NL Rookie of the Year suffered from hip stiffness and shoulder soreness throughout May, which greatly hindered his playing. deGrom recorded one of his worst games on May 11th when he allowed five runs and four hits, heightening his ERA to 7.2 for the game, but his most recent starts show he is on the road to recovery.

As this month of uphill battles for deGrom nears its end, he was finally able to come out strong and prove himself on the mound. In his last two games he was not only able to not only prove this, but break records while doing so. In his second-most recent game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday, he shut down the final 23 batters of the game in a row. This streak was very close to breaking the Mets’ record for consecutive batters retired, which still belongs to Rick Reed who retired 28 batters in a row in 1998.

On Tuesday night’s game against the Phillies, deGrom was able to put all talks of his injuries to rest and show the light at the end of his long tunnel of recovery. He threw one of his strongest starts to date in 7 1/3 innings. deGrom shut down the Phillies offense, throwing nine strike outs and allowing only six hits, and helped the Mets maintain its 3-0 lead in the first seven innings.

In the start of the eighth inning, however, the changes in the Mets bullpen kept fans wishing the game had ended before the inning began. deGrom allowed two hits to start the inning, showing that even though he is on the road to recovery, it still takes time to build consistency on the mound again. After he left the game the Phillies were able to bring home the two batters and score another to tie the game.

Overall, deGrom’s stats have shown his improvement and recovery in his past few starts on the mound. He allowed only three runs in his last three starts and was able to drop his ERA to 2.71. Additionally, he threw 26 strikeouts and accumulated a 1.08 WHIP. The pitchers task for the near future is to continue these strong starts on the mound and build consistency. deGrom will be put to the test again when the Mets take on the Padres on the road next.

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