Mets rally parakeet becomes good luck charm

It's not quite reached the status of the rally monkey in Anaheim, but the Mets have found their own rallying force in the form of a yellow parakeet.

The New York Mets newest acquisition Yoenis Cespedes had a fresh look this past week. He was seen patrolling the Citi Field outfield with a neon yellow arm band. Cespedes' arm band wasn't the only bright yellow entity making it's presence known in Queens.

Introducing the Rally Parakeet.

It may have been a simple voyage for the yellow parakeet, but for the Mets community it has turned into an overnight sensation. This passage was ignited in the eight inning when Cespedes went deep for his first home run with the organization.

Citi Field can officially be labeled Terry Collins zoo because the parakeet is not the only animal to make a visit over the past two weeks. On July 26 Collins announced that there was a raccoon on the loose in the weight room. The critter was later controlled, but the Mets team couldn't be. Since the raccoon occurrence the Mets have gone 13-5 and gained a sizable lead in the NL East.

The Mets are no strangers to stereotypes. During an important pennant race game against the Chicago Cubs in September of 1969, a black cat walked in front of the opposing dugout. The Mets went onto win that contest and pull with a half game of a struggling Cubs team.

Then there's the rally monkey. In June of 2000 the video board operators of the Anaheim Angels flashed a clip from "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." The screen displayed Ventura's monkey jumping up and down uncontrollable while screeching. An honest attempt to get the audience into the game had a enormous impact on that game, and the rest of the season.

With the Angels down in the bottom of the ninth, the board operators once again received an uproar from the crowd when they once again displayed the monkey to the stadium. The Angels went on to win that night.

The monkey showed it's true colors in 2002 when the Angels won the World Series over the San Francisco Giants.

The Mets hope their rally animals don't take two years to fully work. The time is now with a strong pitching staff and a new-look lineup. Besides, everything is better in two's, right?

As for Cespedes, who matched the parakeet gracefully on Wednesday night, he clobbered his second home run with the Mets on Friday night in a loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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