Scott Boras at odds with Mets front office

Agent Scott Boras is playing hardball with Sandy Alderson and the Mets front office.

Boras took to the Mets recently saying the New York Mets should shut down their star pitcher and face of the Franchise Matt Harvey.  Harvey, who had Tommy John Surgery in 2013, is pitching his first full season since and is at a higher risk of reinjuring himself, is supposedly on a hard innings limit of 180 recommended by doctors however the Mets have said this limit to be more of a soft limit and are planning to use Harvey down the Stretch and into the playoffs.

 "This is not a club's decision. This is a doctor's decision," Boras said. "Any club that chooses to defy a surgeon's wishes is putting the player in peril."

 According to the New York post Harvey, the Mets organization, doctors and Boras all recognized a hard limit of 180 innings at the start of the season in spring training and blames the Mets for doing a poor job of limiting his outings. “Everyone knew about the cloud,” Boras said. “He was not a normal player. He is recovering from Tommy John surgery. There was always going to be a limit. So you can’t act surprised now.”

Sandy Alderson said they would monitor Harvey on a case-by-case basis and keep pitching him down the stretch and into the playoffs.  Alderson believes that they mostly need to avoid fatigue or loss of rhythm, which means he can’t take lengthy breaks between starts.

The Mets obviously want one of their best and most veteran pitchers in the last weeks of the season and in the playoffs were they hope to make a run. Harvey this year has a 2.60 ERA with a 12-7 record. 

Boras in this situation obviously doesn’t want his client being abused and overused coming off an injury and although he might be over stepping his boundaries by broadcasting internal arguments he may have a right to be upset with the Mets. Harvey has pitched 166 1/3 innings this season, which ranks in the top 15 in baseball. It is already supposedly over one doctor’s recommend limit of 165 and shows that the Mets have hardly tried to protect Harvey this year.  The Mets have skipped one start and occasionally used a 6-man rotation but Harvey has constantly pitched late into games largely due to their shaky bullpen bridge. Harvey should definitely be available in the offseason however the Mets have done a poor job of protecting their starter.

 This argument should continue in the closing weeks, and Harvey’s next scheduled start would be in Washington against the second place Nationals. 

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