Mets haven't set 'playoff plan' for Harvey

Matt Harvey vowed to pitch the playoffs, but general manager Sandy Alderson has yet to set a plan for his star pitcher should the Mets reach the postseason.

According to an essay by the pitcher himself, Matt Harvey promises to pitch in the playoffs if he and the Mets are there in October.

 "I also know I want to be able to play and win for a long time. But there has never been a doubt in my mind: I will pitch in the playoffs. I will be healthy, active and ready to go.

I understand the risks. I am also fully aware of the opportunity the Mets have this postseason. Winning the division and getting to the playoffs is our goal.

Once we are there, I will be there."

Harvey who is coming off Tommy John surgery, and pitching his first full season since, has created a lot of media buzz lately as his agent, Scott Boras, has publicly called for an innings limit for his client. Now that Harvey himself has quieted these rumors that he will not pitch in the playoffs, fans and management should feel more at ease knowing they'll have their franchise pitcher on the mound in October.

However even with Harvey's assurance the team is still not certain how they will use the pitcher in the closing weeks of the season and in the playoffs. New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson suggested that the right hander might be skipped multiple times in September and gave no definitive answer on how much he will pitch in the both the regular season and in the offseason.

 With yesterday's win against the Nationals the Mets lead Washington by 5 games. It seems the in season plan for Harvey will be flexible and partly dictated by the NL east standings. Harvey will make his start Tuesday against the NAtionals before skipping one scheduled start and then make adjustments from there, but it looks like the larger the gap between first and second the more rest he will receive.

 There have also been reports that if the Mets reach the playoffs Harvey will not exceed one start in any series and could be capped at 60 pitches per playoff start, but a USA TODAY report disputes that claim with a quote from the team's general manager. 

"Any plans we have for the rest of the regular season are tentative," noted Alderson. We have not spent any time yet on a 'playoff plan.' Nothing has been discussed in that regard."

In addition to skipping starts and pitch limits the Mets will use a six man rotation to further reduce the pitchers workload. His usage might be up in the air but at least we know he will be available come October.



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