Yoenis Cespedes continues to rake at the plate

He might have only played 37 games in a Mets uniform, but it's hard to argue that outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is playing some of the best baseball in the National League and changing the complexion on the Amazin's.

The last minute trade deadline addition of Yoenis Cespedes by the Mets has been one of the best and most productive additions to the team in a long time. He has jolted the Mets 7.5 games in front of the Washington Nationals and turned the weak hitting lineup into debatably one of the best offenses since the All-star break.  

Since Joining the Mets Cespedes is batting .304 with 36 RBIs and 14 home runs in just 37 games. His outstanding performance as well as the Mets hot streak has even started to spread MVP candidate rumors. 

Yoenis Cespedes MVP talk may seem a little ridiculous at first. He has played less than a quarter of the season with the Mets and it would be difficult to give the NL MVP to a player who spent most of the season in another league. 

However Cespedes is certainly putting on a show in his short season with the mets and the MVP award doesn't always go to the season's best player. Storylines, circumstances, standings and team value play a major role in the voting and Cespedes makes strong arguments in all cases. 

The Mets averaged 3.54 runs per game through July 31st. Since Cespedes first game on August 1st the team is averaging 6.14 runs per game, which is most in the majors during this period. He has completely changed the outlook of the team. They no longer have to shutout teams or win with strictly pitching. Cespedes has turned the Mets into team with the ability to win by driving up the scoreboard. 

Harper who is largely viewed has the MVP front runner is hitting .336/.467/.657. But the Nationals are in second place and it is highly unlikely they make the playoffs. On top of the Nationals struggles Cespedes had two huge moments against the Division rival this past week when the Mets swept the Nats. After hitting a big three-run double in the seventh inning off Drew Storen on Tuesday, Cespedes greeted Storen with a go-ahead homer in the eighth on Wednesday, a moon shot into the Mets' bullpen in left-center.

If Cespedes plays every game for the rest of the season he will have played 59 games for the Mets and the national league. His rise to a MVP candidate has been quick but impressive. He has the mets playing better and is clearly the most valuable part of their offense. It will be interesting to see if these mvp rumors grow louder in the closing weeks of the season. 

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