Mets fight for home-field advantage in NLDS

The Mets are vying with the Dodgers for home-field advantage in the NLDS.

The Mets clinched their first playoff berth and NL east title in nine years but still has something to fight for. Heading into the Mets last three games of the season home field advantage for the National league divisional series is still undecided.

 The Mets and Dodgers are set to meet in the first round of the playoffs that starts Oct. 9. The Dodgers win last night over the San Diego Padres gives them a lead by 1 game in the win column however they have one less game to play after the Mets’ game against the Washington Nationals got rained out.

 If the two teams were to win out or end with the same record the Mets would own the tie breaker as a result of winning the head to head season series. The Mets have a lot to gain by securing home field advantage and starting the series in Citi field. The Mets are 48-30 this year when playing on their home turf and only one game above .500 at other ball parks (41-40). But maybe just as important is the Dodgers have the second best Home record in baseball at 53-26, second only to the spectacular Cardinals who recently won their 100 game of the season.  The dodgers also hold a terrible away record of 37-44, so gaining home field advantage could greatly influence the outcome of this first series.

 Home field advantage would also be crucial for the Mets and there young rotation headed into the playoffs. With Harvey pitching game 3, securing home field would allow rookie pitcher Noah Syndergarrd and second year pitcher deGrom to pitch in front of their home crowd, an important benefit for young pitchers.

 Even with the huge deviation in home and away records for the two teams past NLDS have not been influenced greatly by where the games are played. In the past 20 NLDS teams have even split the series with the home field team going 10-10.  So they team may not need to be pressured to win these last few games

 Outfielder Curtis Granderson doesn’t seem to be worried with where the games will be played. “Three series I played in where the team without home field advantage won. But it's not a major thing. Obviously everyone discusses it and wants it, but again it's not the end of the world if we don't get it.” He added, "Regardless, you're going to play somewhere no matter where it happens to be, whether it be here or on the road. Either way you still got nine innings and 27 outs to work with."



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