Jacob deGrom builds confidence with two stellar starts to end the regular season

It might not have had any playoff implications, but Jacob deGroms stellar outing on Sunday against the Nationals could be a real confidence builder heading into the postseason.

            The wavy hair blowing in the wind and eyes wide open on both players are Jayson Werth and Jacob degrom in what was a meaningless last game of the season. Degrom had just recorded his seventh strikeout of the game in only four innings of work as well as his 205th strikeout of the season. Not to mention recording a 2.54 ERA for the season and an impressive 14 wins that should have been 15 wins had they let him gone a little longer but shut him down early as he going to be on the mound for game one of the NLDS against the Dodgers.

            It wasn’t too long ago that degrom was in the Cy young conversation as he was pitching sub 2,00 ERA baseball and if it weren’t for a freak like Zack Greinke being around he would have been the clear cut favorite at the time. However, his season took a wrong turn August 24 at Citizens Bank Park when he allowed seven runs, six of them earned, against the Phillies and saw his era shoot up from 1.98 to a 2.29. After settling down for three more starts the date was September 15 and he again allowed six earned runs against the Miami Marlins and saw his era go from a 2.40 to a 2.64. So two bad starts against two bad teams is the difference from the numbers he should have as opposed to the numbers he actually put up at season’s end.

            That last start of the regular season against the team that was the only real competition to the Mets this year was exactly what degrom needed and his confidence should be sky high for the first game against the Dodgers. Despite it being his first playoff game, especially not helping his case by being on the road, degrom should settle in nicely after the first inning. The one cause for concern for Friday's start may be that he is pitching in Los Angeles. Looking into degrom’s splits it’s hard to not notice that his era at home is 1.99 while his era on the road is 3.09. That’s a huge disparity if you ask me but come Friday night it’s degrom  and only degrom himself can get in his way because if that fastball moves the way it can hitters will be having frust

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