Yoenis Cespedes' shoulder should be 'fine' in time for World Series

Yoenis Cespedes left Game 4 against the Cubs with shoulder soreness, but the Mets outfielder insists that he will be fine in time for the start of the World Series.

The New York Mets swept the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series, an outcome no one thought possible in the beginning of the year. The Mets are now going to the World Series for the first time in 15 years and everything seems to be going perfect for the Mets. However overshadowed by the triumph is the fact that Yoenis Cespedes left Wednesday night's game in the bottom of second inning due to a sore left shoulder.


Being pulled 7 innings be for the championship series victory didn't seem to bother Cespedes. Among the celebrations and champagne, Cespedes seemed confident he will be ready and healthy for the final series of the year. 


            “Cespedes’ shoulder is going to be OK,” manager Terry Collins said. “[Doctors] didn’t think there was any damage. They thought an injection would calm it down in a day, so he’ll be ready. We’re going to work out on Friday, and I’m sure he’ll be ready for that.”  Cespedes also gave good news to fans by saying through an interpreter “On Sunday, I’ll be fine.”


            Apparently there was some swelling in his shoulder, and enough to warrant Collins pulling Cespedes from the game. Looking at the circumstances Collin's decisions were probably more cautionary then actual concern. The Mets had a six run lead in a series where they were up three games to none. He definitely had no intentions of allowing the Cubs to regain ground but situation allowed Collins and the Mets to play it safe. It would be safe to assume that if the game was more important he would have stuck around, so there should not be much concern towards his ability to play in the World Series.


It sure didn't stop him from celebrating with champagne in the clubhouse and judging by the way he was talking, celebrating and hugging his team mates, he certainly seems ready for the World Series. The Mets will also have the opportunity to use Cespedes as a DH in games one and two of the World Series if his injury is more severe than expected.


There may be some disagreement when he will be fully healthy but everyone seems to be on the same page that Cespedes will be playing in Game 1 of the Fall Classic. 



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