David Wright responds to criticism, drives in 4 RBI

Mets fans were clamoring for manager Terry Collins to bench David Wright in favor of Juan Uribe, but the Amazin's captain came up big when it mattered the most.

David Wright needed that one! The Mets third baseman has been searching all October for the stroke that once made him a seven-time All Star, and the face of the Mets franchise. To be fair it hasn’t been easy for Wright this year; he’s dealt with a spinal stenosis injury that put his career in doubt, and has never really been the same player since his return.


“Recently (Kevin Long) and I have been working on some mechanical things, some timing things, just being a little bit more on time and being ready for the fastball,” Wright said.


Wright went 2-for-5 with four RBI and a two-run homerun that was one of the loudest blasts he has had since Citi Field was constructed in 2009. In a lot of ways a monkey was lifted off his back on Friday night. Wright had been mired in a slump that saw him bat .182 through 11 postseason games. While he had a couple moments, like his RBI in Game 1 of the Division Series in LA, this was different.


 “I’ve said it before, this is what you dream about as a kid,” Wright said after the Mets 9-3 win in Game 3. “You’re thinking about playing in a World Series Game, and on top of that be able to contribute with a few RBI. It’s one of those moments I’ll never forget the rest of my life.”


And Wright wasn’t alone in the spotlight on this night of Game 3. Curtis Granderson, the man, who sets the table for Wright and the others, was big as well. Granderson was 2-for-4 with two RBI and a home run. In the World Series Granderson is 3-for-13 with two homers and three RBI.


While Daniel Murphy has gotten most of the accolades this Fall, as he should, Granderson has been awesome this October.  He owns three homers, 11 RBI and OPS of .838. Granderson has been clutch in big spots, like his home runs in this Fall Classic have indicated, and is playing a stellar right field.


Granderson has taken to that lead-off spot since Opening Day, and has led by pure example. If he can remain hot, it could be the light switch the Mets need to make a historic, and rather unlikely comeback happen.


“I think we are still working on getting comfort,” Granderson said. “That’s the battle especially when your going up against a tough team like the Kansas City Royals. Tomorrow is going to be the same situation as tonight was for us.”


Perhaps a consistent Granderson and a suddenly surging Wright is the formula to foil the Royals after all.w 

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